Types of Online Shoppers

Experience Friendly Buyers

There is another category of buyers who are just looking for a great experience. They aren’t looking for items based on price or features, they are looking to buy from sites that provide a unique customer experience. Shoppers like this want to join or achieve a status with a company. Read More

Quick Buyers

There is another category of buyers who know what they are looking for and want to buy the product then and there without any delay. They probably do a Google search, find a store and buy without comparing to others. Some of them are in a hurry to buy, because they need the product urgently, while others may have had experience with the product already. Read More

Sell Latest Products Quickly

There is another category of buyers who want the latest product irrespective of its high/low price or high/low quality. They don’t mind buying spending a few bucks to keep themselves updated with the latest product. These buyers who come under this category can be termed as the Latest Product Lovers. Read More

High-quality Product Shoppers

Previously, we discussed the preferences of price aware shoppers and how you could best cater to their needs, but not all buyers choose their products based on price. There is another category of buyers who understand that having a long-lasting, reliable product is far more important, even if you have to pay a few rupees extra.​ Read More

Price Aware Shoppers

Amazon India is full of different types of sellers. Similarly, the buyers who come to Amazon to shop are of many different types. This can mean that different approaches can work well with different types of buyers. As a seller, knowing what your buyer wants can help you to grow your business. Read More