Ways to keep your buyers coming back

by Swati Bucha on 07/09/2017
No matter how huge or small your business is, repeat customers definitely increase the chances of growing your sales. But, it is not that easy to get repeat customers who buy from you for the second time. So, here are three effective ways to keep your customers coming back and turn them into repeat buyers:

Detailed product page: Display all the details about the product in an organised manner. To attain this, you should focus on the following things:

Product images
Visuals speak louder than words. Images are the first thing customers notice. Most of your customers would like to buy from you a second time only if the product looks exactly what he/she ordered in the past. Use the right photography equipment to click pictures so that they attract your customers and showcase what actually the product looks like.

Product name
A descriptive product name with multiple features in limited characters works well for e-commerce. One of the most important parts is to add the brand’s name at the beginning of your product name.

Product description
As an online seller, you should write engaging and convincing product descriptions that can help you sell your product. Before writing a description, you must know exactly what the benefits of a particular product is so that you can try writing the best ones in your product description.

Give full details of the product: When you give all the information about the product, it becomes easier for your customers to buy from you a second time.

Size chart
You must create size guide, especially if you are a selling in the fashion category.

Special deals
Make your deals stand out on your product page. In this way, you can promote your products and allow shoppers to re-purchase from your store.

Price details
Customers trust Amazon because we don’t allow any hidden costs. If you are fair with your pricing, you are actually earning customers’ trust and helping them make a better purchase decision. This also keeps them loyal to your store.

Meeting customer expectations: The key to earn customer trust and see them coming back to your store is meet their expectation, rather over achieve them.

Inventory or stock level
Running out of stock and not updating it in the system puts your wrong impression on buyers. Maintain optimum level of stock for all products so that customers never see ‘Out of stock’ when they search for your product.

Quick delivery options
On-time delivery leads to lesser chances of returns/cancellations and also delights customers. Make proper efforts to ship your orders on time.

Hope you now have an idea of how you can keep your buyers coming back to you for a second time. However, if you are not yet registered on Amazon, start your online journey today!

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