5 Ways to Sell Better & Delight Your Customers

by Arshiya Dey on 18/02/2016
Here is a fact: If you constantly strive to delight your buyers, over a period of time, you’ll have loyal customers and lots of them.

Trying to only ‘satisfy’ customers can’t have an ever lasting impact on your business and won’t help your growth. You must raise the bar, go out of your way and go that extra mile to give your buyers the ‘wow’ experience. Having a set of happy, loyal customers pretty much guarantees good word of mouth and good feedback which in turn gives new customers the confidence to buy products from you.

This is as true for online selling as it is for offline selling. You must provide an experience that exceeds the customer’s expectations constantly. Here are a few tips that can help you have a happy and loyal customer base:

1. Competitive Pricing: You will never find a customer that complains when you reduce the price of a product. All of us are buyers and we love a good deal. As a seller, you should keep an eye on the market trend – How much is the product being sold for by other sellers? How much would you be willing to pay for the product yourself? Is there an opportunity to offer a deal to your customers and drive up sales?

Finalize on the best price (keeping in mind your own costs) at all times and offer frequent deals. It might not earn you immediate and quick profits, but will surprise and delight your customers, increase sales, improve ratings and build loyalty.

2. Excellent Cataloging: Beautiful and clear product images, accurate product specifications and detailed product descriptions can go a long way in delighting customers and establishing trust. When you set the right expectations about the product, the customer knows exactly what he/she is going to get and will appreciate you for the clarity. This will also help your products stand out from the competition.

Just like you would arrange and beautify your offline store to attract customers, you need to do the same with your online store. Detailed listings, correct specifications and multiple product images can give you an edge over other sellers and result in more sale conversions. If you need help with cataloguing, you can always get in touch with our Amazon ‘Service Provider Network’.

3. Friendly & Professional Communication: Your tone of your communication greatly impacts your customer’s experience. It is an expected behavior amongst shoppers to contemplate and research on the product before they make a purchase. Oftentimes, they get in touch with the seller directly to get their queries answered. This should be taken up as an opportunity to not just make a sale but also earn customer loyalty.

You must be keen on listening to them, understanding their requirements and then assist them to purchase the product that suits their requirement the best. In case the product is not available, let them know about it and give them alternate options or let them know how soon you could make it available. Your conversations should be friendly, polite, clear and reflect genuine consideration – all of which will be greatly appreciated by your customers.

4. Efficient Packaging & Super-Fast Shipping: It is always advisable to pack efficiently without over doing it or under doing it. Too little packaging can save on costs but end up damaging your products in transit leading to a bad customer experience. You should try to pack your products in a way that you would have liked to receive it yourself. High quality packaging material (like what you can get from Amazon) keeps your products safe and increases the confidence of the customer that their purchased item will reach them safe and sound. You can even add a small note thanking the customer for their business and requesting feedback. A lot of customers will appreciate that.

Also, in this fast paced digital era, nobody likes to wait too long for delivery. Offering fast shipping and delivery options (like from Amazon EasyShip or FBA) ensure that your customers get the chance to receive their products quickly and they will appreciate the same via feedback and seller ratings. Remember, however unique your product may be, if your customer loses his mind and patience waiting for the product to be delivered, then all the effort you put into processing the order will be wasted.

5. Seeking Feedback & Taking Action: If a buyer takes the effort to come back and write a feedback, you must take it very seriously. This feedback can either be positive – appreciating your product and service or can have valuable suggestions or inputs based on the customer’s experience. Both types of feedback are good for your business. Positive feedback helps you know that the business is doing well and your customers are happy. Negative feedback can help you improve your products, service quality and allows you to solve your customer’s pain-points.

Once you do implement the suggestions received as feedback, your customers will know that you care and that you will work towards their best interest. It will help build their trust on your products and services, eventually leading to them letting their friends and family know about the wonderful experience they have had with you. So go ahead, don’t be shy about requesting a feedback, seek it out proactively – it can only help your business reach new heights and really build on customer trust.

These are just a few things that you can do to really delight your customers. We hope you’ll try these out and let us know how the positive response from your customers helps you to grow your business and build a loyal fan following for your products and quality of service.

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