What makes it so easy to sell online?

by Arshiya Dey on 25/05/2016
The Indian retail sector has witnessed tremendous growth due to the digital penetration that empowered Indian sellers to sell across the whole country without any geographical limitations and Amazon has been at the forefront of leading that transformation. Over the years, thousands of Indian sellers have joined the Amazon platform and benefitted from the advantages of online selling.

While registering on Amazon is a quick and simple process and there are many benefits to selling online (you can read about some here and here), at Amazon, we also like to make sure that online selling is easy for you and that you have all the support you need while you sell more products and grow your business.

The platform on which you use to sell on Amazon, known as Seller Central is very user friendly. But to make things even easier and give you the necessary support to set up your online business all by yourself, we have created following self-help options for our sellers:

Webinars: These are online training sessions and you can register or attend an Amazon webinar from the convenience of your own house. These online training sessions also allow you ask questions and clarify your doubts if any. Since the webinars cover specific topics in detail, it will help you to focus on one particular things at a time without rushing or confusing you.

Seller University YouTube Channel: Amazon Seller University hosts a YouTube channel exclusively for sellers that includes plenty of guidance and informational videos on various topics. It covers everything from how to register to Sell on Amazon to a guidance video on how to pack your products What makes this a unique initiative is the availability of these guidance videos in 5 different languages that include, Malayalam, Telegu, Kanada, Tamil and Hindi.

Seller Central Help: Once you log on to the Seller Central platform, you can find the Help section on the top right corner. It pops out a search bar where you can type your question and all relevant answers will be shown to you. The help pages on Seller Central are very detailed, cover all the processes and can be of instant help.

Seller Support: At any given point, if you have a doubt, are in need of quick assistance or if you feel there is an error somewhere, our Seller Support team will be happy to assist you. You can even request a call back and be assured that all your questions will be answered quickly.

With all the available options mentioned above, the experience of selling online on Amazon become very easy and very rewarding. Your business runs 24/7 reaching millions of buyers and customers across India. To experience this convenience and business growth that online selling offers, register now to sell on Amazon.

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