What to sell online: The ultimate find to fulfil your dreams

by Pinaz on 16/11/2017
The exploding e-commerce landscape is a very encouraging sign for aspiring entrepreneurs. And while the opportunities are virtually limitless, knowing what to sell and how to sell it, still remain the key catalyst to growth. It’s a complex decision to make and you’ll need to consider many factors before deciding on a business. Here are some fundamental considerations you should make, right at the start:

Empathise – Step in the customer’s shoes and think of what you’d be looking for online. Look up some of the most frequently used search keywords.

Follow your passion – Managing an online business is an ongoing commitment. Choosing what you enjoy doing, figuring out what is practical, and starting small can be a good first step.

Market insights –Research and feedback help get an in-depth perspective on the current demands, target audience, bestselling products, selling potential, competition, customer reviews, and the expected profitability.

Create a niche – In a saturated market, where a lot of sellers simply offer multiple versions of similar products, go a step ahead and introduce a unique sell like a hand-made product. These can be promoted on social media too at minimal cost to get noticed.

Re-create the ‘common’ – Considering reinventing an existing common product, but with a creative twist. When you’re looking for insights on what to sell online, think of things that people commonly buy, for example, soap. Then, think about a hand-made, organic version of soap that uses only locally available products.Next, think about how you can produce this hand-made soap at scale, without affecting the quality. It’s common knowledge that small, light,easy-to-ship items that aren’t fragile, are relatively easier to sell. If you can create products like that, that people like, and still end up with a profit margin of at least 30-50%, you are on to something special.

Massive online marketplaces such as Amazon, house a plethora of categories. Customers typically select the category they are interested when browsing for products. Since selling on Amazon gives you instant access to its global customer case, keep the following categories in mind when deciding on what to sell online.

Consumer electronics – The mass popularity of mobile phones in India makes it a very lucrative market for low-cost smartphones. Smartphones are closely followed by laptops, power banks, cameras, and gaming devices, among others.

Apparels and accessories – Clothing sales are always soaring and Amazon offers a vast range of products.

Books – In the age of screens, you may be surprised that good, old-fashioned books and that wonderful ‘book smell’ is still a popular item.

Beauty and personal care – Make-up, hair, skin-care products, perfumes, etc. are some of the site’s bestselling categories.

The right choice of what to sell online can truly make or break your entrepreneurial ambitions. The rule of thumb is: listen to what customers want. Once you have decided what to sell online, optimise it by partnering with Amazon. Here’s how:

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With a simple seller’s account, you can set-up your catalogue and list your products. Then just start selling 24*7, 365 days a year.

The Sellers support team is always available to handhold you on this selling journey.

Making a choice on what to sell online is a key starting point. Then, with its vast reach, easy shipping, timely payments and minimal investment, selling on Amazon can be the stepping stone to successful, long-term entrepreneurship.

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