How should you choose where to sell online?

by Arshiya Dey on 23/02/2017
Whether you are a student, a housewife, a business woman or a salaried worker, you always have the choice of quickly setting up an online business that is simple and yet profitable. However, of all the options available to sell online, how do you choose which one suits you the best? With this blog, we will try to address your confusion by answering five common questions that you may have in your mind. This will help you decide where you should sell online.

Question 1. Where does India shop from?

With the rise of internet, crores of Indian customers shop online today. They depend on sellers like you to help make quick purchase decisions and save time. Therefore, to set up an online business in India, you should know where your customers come to shop. The easy option would be to go for the most popular and trusted online marketplace.

For example, sells anything from churan to the famous Kolhapuri chappals across the country, right from the big cities to the remote villages. And people love buying from Amazon! You can also consider other options where you like shopping regularly, where you get everything you need at a good price and often recommend your friends to buy from. That reliability is what you need to choose the right option to set up your business.

Question 2. As somebody new to selling online, will I get support while setting up a business?

Most like Amazon, have regular support channels. They have a team of well-trained executives who are prepared to help you with all your concerns. For example, if you register to sell on Amazon, you can contact our seller support team that is there to help you 24/7, 365 days a year. Once you register and start adding your products, you can also seek help from Amazon’s third party service provider network to create excellent quality catalogues and help you set up your online store.

Question 3. When I get an order, how will I ship them to my customers?

It is simple. In India we have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of courier partners like FedEx, India Post, DHL, BlueDart etc. Based on the volume of products you ship, you can even bargain for a discounted rate.

However, if you are concerned about not having enough time or looking for ease of selling, Amazon is the best choice for you. There are a number of shipping options available for you once your become an Amazon seller. In fact you can even use our storage services, popularly known as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to stock your products and let Amazon executives take care of everything from delivery to returns. Additionally, Amazon’s Easy Ship program delivers to over 20,000 pin codes in India and is continuing to expand. You may use this service if you would like to have control over your own products.

Question 4. What if I don’t get sales and need support?

In one of those rare occasions where you fail to receive an order within the first few days, you can do a competitor analysis. Find out how your competitors are pricing similar products and check if your products are priced higher. Check your product image quality and your product description; ensure all details are correct.

You can also check if the option of adding offers to your products and automatically pricing your products is there. If you registered on Amazon, you can try promoting your products through Sponsored Products or use Lightning Deals to increase sales or opt in to use Automated pricing so that your products are always competitively priced. Use FBA to make them Prime eligible or get in touch with Seller Support to look for Account Management support.

Question 5. How do I grow my business further?

Apart from increasing your sales on Amazon, you should also consider if you can sell internationally. Currently you can sell globally i.e. in the US, Europe or Japan only through Amazon. No one else gives you the opportunity to sell globally or set up a global online store from India.

If this helps you make a choice and you would like to sell on Amazon, please click here. To learn more about the benefits of selling online, please click here.

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