Why do you need UPC exemption?

Understand what is UPS exemption and the need for it

by Arshiya Dey on 01/06/2016
Selling on Amazon is quick and easy. You can do it all by yourself without any dependencies. However, at Amazon, to help you streamline the process of selling we require you to follow a few guidelines. One of the important steps while registering to sell on Amazon is to check if you need UPC exemption or not (to sell your products on Amazon.in).

What is UPC?
First, let us understand, what is UPC exactly. UPC stands for Universal Product Code and it is a universal bar code symbol put on products to help track them in stores and in warehouses. Most categories on Amazon require sellers to use a Global Trade Identification Number, such as an UPC or ISBN (International Standard Book Number), when creating new product pages or matching to existing pages in the Amazon.in catalogue.

Do you need UPC Exemption?
If you are a seller, reseller or importer of products that don't have UPC, then it is likely that you will need UPC exemption. UPC can be applied for a certain category of products, classified as under:

Private label: Non-nationally branded product on your own company's label.
Specialised: Low-volume accessory part/item with a specialized function.
Non-consumer: A business-to-business product not sold in a retail store.
Pre-configured: Made-to-order or customised products.

How can you apply for UPC exemption?

If you have identified your product category and know that you need UPC exemption, you can either apply from Seller Central directly or get in touch with our Seller Support team who will guide you with the entire process (and also answer any questions that you may have about UPC). You can create multiple listing templates for different categories of products to keep a track of the ones that need UPC exemption and which ones that do not. Please be informed that entire process takes minimum 7 working days once you have shared all the details with the Seller Support team within the stipulated time provided. Our Seller Support team will follow up and guide you through the entire process.

If you don't have an account on Seller Central, you can click here to register to Sell on Amazon and create an account. For information on other help topics, guidelines or to simply know the tricks to boost your sales, you can click here

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