Here’s why an online store for your products is a great idea

by Arshiya Dey on 01/02/2016
E-commerce in India is rapidly catching up with the international benchmark of making everything available online. As consumers, we are looking beyond our traditional limitations and trusting the online marketplaces, relying on them to deliver at our doorstep the goods we desire, while making payments and interactions virtual.

In the same way, while it might not seem to be the case, but selling online is also almost as simple as buying online. Today, to be a retailer, you might or might not have an offline store, but you do need an online presence of your business to reach customers far beyond your local environment. Below are some of the reasons why an online store for your products is a great idea:

Lower Costs

Let’s not delve much into the investment required for an offline physical store. We know it’s not just limited to huge monetary investment for store rentals, inventory storage, staff and delivery. It goes beyond all that and requires a lot of physical and mental investment to market, promote, sell and keep the store profitable over the investment costs. Compare that to an online store that yields you sales more quickly with much lower capital investments and little need to promote and do marketing yourself. Marketplaces do that for you to get more customers. You do not need to invest on a registered commercial property or hire employees. So, the profit you make from selling online is the profit you keep.

More Growth

Even if everything’s done right, an offline store can take months, if not years, to become profitable. And then if you want to expand, you have to think of the same investment of capital costs for your new store as with the existing one. With online selling, the number of physical stores or their size becomes irrelevant. Using the same account, you can add as many products as you like across categories and then offer your collection to customers far and wide across India. With the right products and prices, you can grow exponentially within weeks. You can even track the health of your business in real time, interact with customers and get expert inputs on what kind of products are selling well.

Better Convenience

Once you have invested in an offline store, you cannot sit back and relax. You can’t take time out whenever you want and will need to put in all yours efforts towards growing your store. You need to compete with other stores for the same limited pool of local customers. Then there are external factors. Something as simple as a road blockage or government maintenance work going on around your store, can lead to drastically lower footfalls.

With an online store, none of that matters. You can store your inventory with us and the sales can keep happening even of you have to rush away for any emergency. You can manage your business from home with the ease of sitting in the most comfortable couch of your living room while sipping on some coffee. You can manage your inventory and interact with your buyers all from a laptop or the seller app on your phone.

Active Customers

Usually, after a purchase is made from your offline store, unless the product is faulty, you will rarely hear back from the customer. You might have a few regular customers but the numbers will be small and from a limited local customer base. That’s not enough to grow your business. Recommendations and word of mouth only help in a very small way offline.

On the other hand, when it comes to online, customers from different cities and towns can come a make a purchase easily. Then it’s equally simple for these national customers to write a review, give you a rating and help your reputation grow on the marketplace. The good reviews encourage you to keep up with your excellent service and assures you about the quality of your product. The bad reviews are equally essential as they helps fix the product issue or improve the quality of your service and helps you grow a loyal customer base.

These are just some of the things that make online selling so attractive and profitable. You too can give it a try here on Amazon.

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