4 Reasons why you should register on a Seller Portal today

by Swetasree on 13/02/2018
E-commerce is the easiest route to commercial success and today, it stands out as the preferred mode of operations for most businesses. Did you know the recent numbers show the marketplace of Amazon has 300 million customers, an additional 170 million visitors on the website, and an impressive turnover of $100 billion in revenue*?

Here’s why you should register on a seller portal on an existing e-commerce website today:

Hikes up your sales

If you sell on an e-commerce portal, your biggest bonus will be a ready customer base who already shop on the website. When you register as a seller on a credible platform, it needs no mention that you gain customers and their trust who instinctively rely on the said platform rather than a shop they’ve never heard of. Trusted e-commerce portals usually have a customer base in crores and churn out revenue in billions. Remember, that in a country where online shopping hasn’t gained full traction, a potential customer would rather opt for a reliable e-commerce platform over any random online store.

Saves money on marketing

You will save up on a whole lot of money if you choose to sell on an e-commerce portal instead of opening up your own store online. An e-commerce website which has already made a name for itself attracts its customers on a daily basis. If you decide on registering as a seller on a portal, you can start selling from day one of your venture, without dedicating money and effort on marketing. Needless to say, the visibility of a well-known e-commerce website is high. Making a mark for yourself without investing in doing so, makes it a great place to begin for first time digital entrepreneurs.

Gets your work done for you

Established e-commerce websites have a good number of service delivery centres around the world. They can bulk ship your products, pack, and deliver it to your customers. The website’s inventory warehouse serves as your own. As an economy of scale, they can manage and ship for an amount much less than you would have to on an online venture of your own. Imagine how hassle free your operations would be.

Helps you expand globally

A globally trusted buying and selling platform makes it easy for someone who is starting out as an e-commerce seller. It helps him/her explore the very best of global markets. You can simply test if your products appeal to a global audience by creating a list on a local website of the concerned e-commerce website. Imagine how easy selling can be when you can do away with the hassle of a local payment system, operations, and logistics.

Register as a seller on Amazon today. Reap assured benefits in the form of hiked up sales, lower marketing costs, a ready customer and inventory base, and global service delivery centres, among several others. Make the most of this opportunity now.

*Source: DataFeedWatch: The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

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