Your checklist on how to create a brand

by Swati Bucha on 26/10/2017
Creating a brand name is of utmost importance because that is how your business is recognised. Also, with a great brand name, your customers can easily identify you from your competitors. So here we are with a checklist to create a killer brand:

Focus on a single brand: A business should always focus on building up a single brand – the name of the company. It should not try to create separate brand identities for the company. Multiple identities tend to confuse customers and diffuse your energy and resources. Single-brand focus is highly effective whether you’re a consumer or B2B business.

Keep it simple: The name should be short and memorable. Make the name easy to spell and much easier to mispronounce. The reason is that you want people to be able to find you in a search engine and to easily refer you to their friends.

Choose one: descriptive, suggestive, or quirky: You have to decide between these three. Your brand name can be descriptive, yet subtle and easy-to-remember. For example; Baggit is one of the leading handbag brand, where the name clearly defines the brand. Your brand name can be suggestive such as The Body Shop, which is a great abstract-but-evocative brand name. Your brand name can be super quirky such as Zynga.

Use your brand consistently: You might be doing everything right but if you don’t use your brand’s name consistently you’ll have to probably start from zero again. Consistency of usage and application of the brand is paramount. Your brand should have a consistent look-and-feel and a language.

Protect your brand: Protecting your brand is of utmost importance. Trademark the company name, logo, and tagline. In your online (and any printed) materials, be sure to display clear copyright notices.

We hope this article will help you create a brand for your business. Also, if you are a seller on Amazon, a brand name increases the chances of getting customers remembering you and placing orders for the second or multiple times. However, if you are not yet registered on Amazon, please start your journey today.

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