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These are the personal experiences of business growth of our sellers. These stories guide us and keep us focused on being a catalyst for e-commerce in India - changing the way India sells online.
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Watch how Priya becomes a successsful business woman without having to choose between family and work

''I receive orders from Bangalore, Orissa, Karnataka etc etc. The best thing about this is that my money is safe. I can regularly check the number of sales I make and receive the correct amount of money we are told we would receive.''

Priya, Super India Emporium

Read Navfal's story of becoming a run-away success and finally being able to live the life he always wanted

Living in a one-bedroom apartment, amidst the maze like streets, stocked with boxes of inventory, he also finds time to foster a street pup, a pair of kittens and a beautiful tank filled with an array of beautiful fish. “I love animals, they bring me joy. I wish to travel to the Amazon forest someday, for its famed and mysterious wildlife.”

Navfal, Babys Planet

Read how Abhishek chose to redefine his future and made it big all by himself

“We have come a long way from getting our first few orders for polo t-shirts to orders from major corporate clients we were able to penetrate into the market.” Realizing soon enough that the profits were in manufacturing he set a humble shop to tailor his way ahead. 

Abhishek Pariyar, Scott International

Read Sangeeta's story of how she successfully fulfilled her dream of building her career around organic products

“Now, I am even more confident with the help of Amazon India, we were not only able to expand our inventory of organic produce and products but also boost our reach and convert sales to profits – a huge percentage of our total sales come from Amazon.”

Sangeeta, Forgreen

Watch Satvir Singh pave the path to success by becoming his hometown's first online seller

''Even though we put equal efforts into our offline business and Amazon, we have seen that we are able to generate more revenue through Amazon and it has only seen that we are able to generate more revenue through Amazon and it has only increased.''

Satvir Singh, Monu Garments

Watch Jitendra talk about how he found success selling online 

''Slowly I realized that this was a credit-based business. Payments had stopped coming and I was completely finished. Absolutely finished. That is when I read in the newspapers that E-commerce was booming in India. There is a bright future in the E-commerce business. I also came across in the newspaper that Amazon was onboarding sellers and manufacturers were selling online directly''.

Jitendra Rawal, Dragon Deals

Watch how Abhinav became a successful entrepreneur even when investing big was not an option for him

I was not looking at spending a lot of capital, going offline and dealing with retailers and with a hundred shops and outlets. So I decided to go the online route and to tie up with Amazon. Customers that have bought stuff have always come back and given us repeat orders. Quite frankly I am most happy with Amazon as an online retailer.

Abhinav, Milano Home

Watch Varun Bantia’s journey of achieving his father’s distant dream

When giants like Amazon came our way, we knew that we had to ride on their success and build our story. With Amazon’s help we have reached customers not only is South India but all over India. The response of selling online has been tremendous and I would say that Amazon has transformed our business and our lives in a big way.

Rajesh Bantia, Rajasthan Emporium

Watch how Manjeet won over tough competition by setting up an online business

''I was very dissapointed because I could not make any profit from my sales. In the meantime, India was witnessing a growth in e-commerce space. I began selling on Amazon. I put a very low cost product to see the response. When I was shipping my own product, I could not find any customers for the same. But now it was the reverse, I was getting orders from each & every corner of the country.''

Manjeet, Tronica

Watch Akash fulfill his father’s dream of expanding their business across India and make him proud using Amazon

My father has been in this business for the last forty years. We don’t have the manpower or expertise to reach the remote areas of our country, but with Amazon’s help maintain competitive prices and our books are delivered to the remotest of areas.

Akash, Source Books

Watch how Ranu transformed her life as an entrepreneur using Amazon without having to quit her full time job

I didn’t want to burden my parents with an investment amount, neither could I afford to hire employees. So I decided to start an online business. Today, the revenue I make adds up to my salary. The amount is huge and has helped my family a lot.

Ranu Patel, RK Mobile Accesories

Watch how Rakesh takes his family business to unimaginable heights

I have been in this business for the past six years. While I was in college, the online shopping trend had just started and I thought why not start selling our products online too. It literally meant that we achieved and worked as much as we could, but Amazon helped us tremendously.

Rakesh Ramrakhani, Lali Prints

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