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These are the personal experiences of business growth of our sellers. These stories guide us and keep us focused on being a catalyst for e-commerce in India - changing the way India sells online.
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Sell handicrafts from Odisha

Watch the handicraft artisans of Odisha get a platform to sustain their livelihood

 ''I understand from my experience and knowledge that Amazon is the best e-commerce website in the world, even in India. And, Amazon also gives better margins compared to other e-commerce websites.''

Biswajit SwainHaastika


Sell sarees from Varanasi

बनारसी साड़ियों को मिला अमेज़ॅन पर ऑनलाइन बाजार​

''When we get orders on Amazon, they come from places we haven’t even heard of. Forget the name of the cities, we can’t even recognise the names of the people who order, surnames we have never come across. That was enjoyable as well.''

Anupam BarmanAsavarai Sarees


Sell from Kolkata

নেটিয় 50 বছর বয়সে অ্যামাজন সাহায্যে সাফল্য লাভ করে​

'Age is not a factor, your financial position is not a factor, if you have five rupees as I started, then you can also do anything. But, you have to take action. If you don’t take action, nobody can reach anywhere.’’

Netai RoyIndian Gardening


The best place to do e-commerce advertising

The best place to do e-commerce advertising

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Sell tempered glass online

If you are a tempered glass manufacturer, you should consider selling them online

Millions of smartphones are shipped in India every year and this booming industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Not only are the handsets commonly sold, mobile accessories are in high demand in the market and tempered glasses are the most popular of them all. Read More

How to start a low-cost business in India

How to start a low-cost business in India

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