Seller Success Stories
These are the personal experiences of business growth of our sellers. These stories guide us and keep us focused on being a catalyst for e-commerce in India - changing the way India sells online.
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Meet our sellers

Watch Pankaj's story of almost shutting down his business to building his own brand, Protecta on Amazon

''After the hiccup we faced, we relaunched our products on Amazon. Being on Amazon, we got a single order from a customer, that same customer then placed a bulk order, whereby not only we supplied our made in India goods but also replaced an international brand which was supplying to the customer for many years.'' 

Pankaj, Protecta

Watch Zizira's story of sourcing local crops and produce from the farmers of Meghalaya and selling them on Amazon

''We are isolated from the rest of India and the fact that we are able to deliver the natural grown produce to rest of India is what makes Zizira really special. Amazon was actually a blessing in disguise for Zizira.'' 

Ibanshara, Khraw & Gabriel, Zizira

Watch Amit's story of becoming an entrepreneur by quitting his Call Centre job and setting up his own business online

''The first platform I decided to use was because it doesn't take time to set up the account and it is very simple too. If you are able to input the product details without any mistakes the product will go live for sale in 15-20 minutes. The commission and other charges are clearly stated on the portal.”

Amit, Art Bazaar

Watch Ashwin's experience of selling traditional Assamese clothing to customers across India

''From 30 products, I now have 120 products online. Because of such great response, I have decided, in the next two years, I will list around 500 – 1000 products on Amazon. Like, whatever they promise from the beginning to the end, Amazon delivers that in an excellent manner.'' 

Ashwin Sethi, S Kiran's

Watch Bimal's story of struggling through many jobs to find success online 

''I prefer selling on Amazon over other marketplaces because the sales are higher and the returns are less with Amazon. The few returns that we get, we can easily manage them ourselves. We can also speak to the customers directly and resolve a return related issue. Whenever I face an issue, I directly contact seller support and they help me resolve it quickly.'' 

Bimal Majumdar, Leather Junction

Read Nowfal's story of becoming a run-away success and being able to live the life he always wanted

Living in a one-bedroom apartment, amidst the maze-like streets, stocked with boxes of inventory, he also finds time to foster a street pup, a pair of kittens and a beautiful tank filled with an array of beautiful fish. “I love animals, they bring me joy. I wish to travel to the Amazon forest someday, for its famed and mysterious wildlife.”

Nowfal, Newborn Cart

Watch Punit talk about what motivated him to sell online and how Amazon helped him grow

''We decided not to spend too much money on our wedding. And the money that we saved for the wedding was instead invested into our business. And we decided to start our online business full time. Together, we decided to buy a small shop in a chawl where we paid very little rent.''

Punit, MOCA

Watch Satvir Singh pave the path to success by becoming his hometown's first online seller

''Even though we put equal efforts into our offline business and Amazon, we have seen that we are able to generate more revenue through Amazon and it has only seen that we are able to generate more revenue through Amazon and it has only increased.''

Satvir Singh, Monu Garments

Watch how Manjeet's make in India products survived competition making Tronica a trusted brand 

''When I used to tell people and show them my Tronica products. They used to tell me that the products are of a good quality but too expensive. I used to face stiff competition from Chinese manufactured goods. They used to tell me that Chinese goods are of a good quality and also sound good. They told me that my products look good and sound good but was too expensive''.

Manjeet Singh, Tronica

Global Success Story

Watch how Girijesh Kumar went from being a start-up to a renowned brand in the US

''I started Adimani Enterprises with a loan of Rs. 5000 from my friends. Today, my business has largely expanded, thanks to Amazon. I now receive up to 21 orders a day, and my products sell faster than I can make them. This was possible only because of my online business with Amazon Global Selling.''

Girijesh Kumar, Adimani Enterprises

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