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Paving the path to success by becoming his hometown’s first online seller

Taking an already existing business online, Satvir discovered the endless possibilities of e-commerce.

Monu Garments is a busy retail outlet selling Vardhaman wool and children’s apparels on the main market street of Adampur, Punjab. For the past two decades, Satvir Singh has been running this shop and has many loyal customers. However, a year back when he stumbled upon the idea of online selling, he discovered new opportunities of growing his business at a scale he could have never imagined before.

''My name is Satveer Singh. I live in Adampur, Punjab. My father used to be in the Indian Army. During that time, my mother who is very hard working insisted that she also wanted to work. Therefore, she began knitting sweaters. That is when my dad thought that it would be a good idea to set up a shop for her. When my father retired after 20 years, he was offered a posting of his choice and we moved here to Adampur, which close to Jalandhar in Punjab. Soon we opened a shop, bought some inventory and received good feedback. It took us around 3-4 years to set up the business. Business was going good.

However, let me tell you how we moved to the online space. We were used to seeing people buying things online, so we thought if people are buying online, there might be people who are selling online as well. So if they are able to sell online, then why can't we do the same? We did some research and saw videos of people who were selling online successfully. Eventually we found Amazon's Seller Central, where we set up our account. As soon as we registered, we got a call from Amazon. The person on call assured us that he would be able to help us work with Amazon. Naturally, we were excited.

I was very happy that I was the first person from my town who was working with a multinational company like Amazon. It gave us immense pride and joy. Our account went live at 9 pm & as soon as we woke up the next morning, we had already received our first order. I was amazed, I felt blessed that we had made a sale, that too while we were asleep. Something like that is impossible when you are doing your business offline.

Amazon constantly offers a range of support services that help our business grow. They help us with advertising our products and by offering other services. They really support us by encouraging us to improve our business. We sell Vardhaman wool and children's apparel through Amazon. Today when we list a product on Amazon, we get a response within 15 -20 minutes. Even though we put equal efforts into our offline business and Amazon, we have seen that we are able to generate more revenue through Amazon. We started our offline business in the year 2000,16 years back. It took us around 4 years to set up the business at that time online and only four months to achieve the same and more with Amazon. Look at the difference. 4 months and 4 years, it is a huge difference. I do not know how to express my happiness in words. We have always had our local customers and now we have customers all over India. Moreover, the response has been fantastic.''

Satvir: Monu Garments
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