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Brass artisans from Aligarh found online success | अलीगढ के कारीगरों को मिली ऑनलाइन सफलता

Two Moustaches, owned by Gunjeet Singh and his brother is based out of Aligarh. After realising that there is a market for brass products all across the world, Gunjeet started selling on Amazon.

Frustrated with his IT job, Gunjeet Singh from Aligarh decided to sell brass products online not only to help the local artisans earn a good living for themselves but, also make this kind of products available to customers all across the country and overseas as well. Today, Gunjeet makes 14-15 lakhs per month and employs around 20 artisans for his online business on Amazon.​

Gunjeet: My name is Gunjeet and I’m from Aligarh. By profession, I’m an engineer. After completing my engineering, I was placed in a good and big IT firm! But my joining was delayed greatly. So during then, me and my brother started searching for options. That’s when I found out that Brass was a good option. Eventually, my joining date had arrived, so I left my business there itself and went back to join my job and my brother, Ravi, took care of the business part.

I wasn’t very happy with my job, so I left my job and after leaving my job, I came back to my business. And after that, we became a full-time seller on Amazon. Brass is that kind of category that we could tap and sell online to people who are either very far away in India or even seated overseas, and have no access to these categories! I have benefitted a lot from online selling because out of my entire revenue, 50% of it is from online selling.

So if I didn’t sell online, my revenue would be cut in half! Now out of that 50% online sales, a majority, like 60 to 70%, comes from Amazon itself! When I first started selling online via Amazon, I had only about 30-40 products. But now, I have more than 500 SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units). When we were not selling online, our production quantity was always very low. Now that quantity has doubled and tripled!

And the number of artisans employed were 12-13 earlier, but now there are 22! So I think 10 more people have been employed only because of online selling via Amazon.

Artisan: I have been here for some time, close to about 10 to 11 years for me. And slowly and steadily I understood, and my boss taught me my livelihood and I liked my work and slowly and steadily I was noticed for my good work.

Gunjeet: When I first started selling via Amazon, my sales were around nearly 50 to 60 thousand with Amazon! But over time, I have reached 14 to 15 lacs with Amazon!

Gunjeet: Two Moustaches
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