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Diwali sales bring success to old business | दिवाली से पुराने व्यवसाय को मिली नई सफलता

Aalind Rastogi was watching his father's business was incurring losses - due to money getting stuck in the market. That is when he listed a few leftover products on Amazon under the brand name, 'Big Bucket' - just in time for Diwali. Sales took off, and the rest is history!

After realising that his business is going into losses, Aalind's father called his son from Kolkata to support him in his business. Hailing from Lucknow, 'the city of Nawabs', Aalind not only revived his father's loss-making business but also saw booming sales during Diwali on Amazon.

Aalind: Hi, my name is Aalind Rastogi. I’m from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow! I completed my graduation from Kolkata, in Leather Goods and Accessories Design! After that, I worked for an export house. When my brother also got a job, somebody had to be at home. So my father called me back to support him in his business.

Aalind's Father: My business was actually my elder brother’s utensils business. From there, I started my pressure cooker business in 1990. After that for about 20 years, I was able to do good business! But over the last 6-7 years, I realised that my business was going into a loss! After that, my son supported me in my business and slowly he came across Amazon!

Aalind: When I returned back home from college, back to my business, I noticed that my business was running fine. But I noticed that I wasn’t receiving the adequate pay-back. My money was getting blocked in the market. We had an image in the market where they thought they can buy our products and pay us slowly or in parts and in the end, I was going into a loss because a lot of my money was getting stuck.

So I stopped my business and I had a few unsold products left with me. I wanted to sell them so I researched online as to where to sell them. So while conducting this research, I found an E-commerce website where I can sell such products. Then, I found Amazon!

That year I had a few SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit) which never got sold. So, I put those on Amazon! And then suddenly, within one day, I got the response. I started with 10 and almost within a year, my entire inventory was sold. On Diwali, I got an overwhelming response. I have around 200 SKU’s and my sales have boomed!

Aalind's Father: Last year on Diwali we did good business. I am without any doubt that this time on Diwali, we will do even better business with the help of Amazon.

Aalind: Last year on Diwali with Amazon, I had 10 lacs in sales. And this year on Dhanteras, I am expecting double the sales. And with Amazon, it will be a great and happy Diwali for me and my family.

Aalind: Big Bucket
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