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Seema takes her hobby online | ऑनलाइन बिज़्नेस ने दी सीमा के शौख को उड़ान

Taking her hobby online, Seema, today employs twelve women to help them look after their personal needs and schooling of their children. Selling different kinds of organisers on Amazon, she aims to build a better future for these women.

With a drive to be an independent earner and an aim to employ women to uplift their lives, Seema Bansal, a 50-year-old woman begun selling on Amazon. Taking her passion to the next level, she sells organizers for sarees, bangles, shirts, and other items. She began her journey employing one woman and is now employing twelve of them. Her business, that started off as a hobby, is now witnessing exponential growth.

One does not simply find what's desired,
without igniting the heart with passion.
I asked the bird how she built her abode,
she said,
it takes a flight and then,
some more picking straw after straw in an endless chore.

My mother, who has been a Supreme Court lawyer raised us with the belief that nothing should stop us from moving ahead in life. And that only work can help us get there, not sitting idle at home. Since my childhood, I've been interested in keeping myself engaged, keeping my things organised, and doing something creative. After fifteen years of being married, I felt that I should start something.

Slowly as my business started growing and my children left home, my brother started an online business. He suggested me to do the same as it would present more opportunities to work. I got myself registered on Amazon. Right from the start, after five or six days of registration, I started getting orders. When I got the first order from Amazon, I was ecstatic. These days people have less time but more work. If our wardrobes stay organised, our home stays organised, half of our tasks are taken care of. For example, we easily collect artificial jewelry but have no clue about organising them. So we created organisers for that purpose which you can simply hang in your wardrobes. It's time saving and organised. In the first month, we must've done a business of eight to ten thousand rupees.

Today, we're at two lacs. And once we opted for FBA, our sales doubled within two months. Two of the employees are working on the same piece since we're under a deadline. Under the time constraint, two to three of them work on one product. We started with one employee. Slowly two or three more joined us. And I thought that I should primarily involve and employ more women. I trained my house help first and helped them see a better future. My second unit is an industrial area, six to seven women work from home and seven to eight from that unit. Some of them couldn't read or write, we taught them how to use a sewing machine. They are now able to look after their personal needs and schooling of their children.

You better cut out all the crying. (laughs)

Seema: Sarajanaa Industries
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