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Sandeep's journey; from being an accountant to a businessman

''This business is all I have, everything is on Amazon and I am very happy that I can successfully run this business'', Sandeep Drolia

When noisy mornings and dusty evenings make a huge part of your work life, you are probably one of the many business owners inhabiting the primary trade location of Bengal, Howrah. For centuries together mainland Bengal businesses were nestled by the Ganges. It also meant that they had quick access to the country's oldest operating port. Today, decades later, even with rapid progress in road transport, Howrah continues to grow as Bengal's industrial hub and a businessman's abode.
But, Howrah wasn’t home to just the residents of Bengal. Large scale businesses brought the onset of employment opportunities attracting millions of residents from the neighbouring states of Bihar and Orissa. Sandeep's Drolia's story begins here.

His grandfather was one amongst many who had moved from Bihar to Bengal with their families and stayed back. He worked on behalf of the government to identify the cost of cotton fabric and decided their maximum retail price for the market.
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