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Buying products on Amazon was a habit for Abhishek, until one day it struck him that he could sell there too

Udaipur a city of forts, lakes, travellers, endless beauty and a few people who are finding their own ways to succeed.
Like Abhishek.

Abhishek helps his dad out with his travel business. But more importantly this is a story of how he started his own brand on Amazon.

Abhishek: See taking father's business is actually good but you need to have your own startup too in life. I thought to myself how about I try to make some small contribution of my own to the family.
So at the time, I had a big craze for e-commerce like everybody else. So I had this idea in my head that if my business were to specifically target someone then how about I target women. Yes, there can be a downfall in the standard of living, but there can't be a downfall in a woman's craze for shopping.
Ah well. Udaipur is known for lakes and it is famous for handicrafts like embroidery art and meenakari art.
There are several artists like this that I work with but one among them was very important in bringing me the success I have today.
And that is Chainram Ji.

Chainram Ji: The fact that my work has value and respect makes me very happy.

Abhishek: One big plus point that selling online has is that, I don't have to go to the customer the customer comes to me.
That's a big plus point for a seller on Amazon.

Abhishek, Royals Pride
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