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Palash goes online to save his years-old family business

As they say, ‘the real path to success is hard work and no magic shortcuts can get you there’. Palash Songara’s story is a perfect blend of hard work, determination, and perseverance. His story dates back to the time when his father had a garments store in the Mandsaur city of Madhya Pradesh. Due to expiry of the lease period, they had to vacate the shop and his father gave his soul and savings to buy a new shop. Initially, their business was running well there but then due to limited financial resources their situation worsened. To save his family from this grave financial crisis, Palash’s mother and his grandfather started making the products at their home and his father used to go door-to-door to sell as many products as he could. “I was a mere spectator at that time; I was a kid. But, I could see the pain my family was going through”, recalls Palash as he narrates his story.

“It amazes me how much time people waste searching for shortcuts to entrepreneurial success when the only real path is staring them right in the face”, says Palash who after completing his matriculation started helping his father in his business. On the other hand, to pay their debts they also had to sell the shop, which they had bought with so much effort. “Till the time I reached 12th Standard, I realised I have to give more time to this business so, I started experimenting with new designs”, says Palash who also started accompanying his father for door-to-door sales. Slowly and steadily the situation became better and Palash with the help of his sister, who is an interior designer, thought of starting a small manufacturing unit. “It was very small at that time but I didn’t know when it started to take the shape of a dream manufacturing unit in my mind. And for that I had to do something big”, Palash recalls. His yearning to do something big made Palash research and he stumbled upon Amazon’s website on the Internet.
He registered himself on Amazon under the brand name First Kids Step and started selling baby products such as clothes, accessories, and designer frocks. “I still remember that time when I used to go to the Cyber café to upload inventory, processing orders and print shipping labels to sell on Amazon”, recalls Palash who didn’t have a computer at that time. Initially, Palash used to get a couple of orders a month. Today, he receives around 12,000 orders a month that generates a monthly sale of around 60-70 lakhs. Aside from this, Palash has a staff of around fifty employees. He is proud to be able to generate employment in a country where many are unemployed. While showing us around his huge warehouse, he proudly talks about his new home and a car that he bought from the money he had earned by selling baby products on Amazon. “My family has tasted real success and I give all the credit to Amazon”, says Palash with tears of joy in his eyes.

Palash Songara: First Kids Step
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