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Helping underprivileged children learn science through Amazon

Dr. Dharma Prasad helps underprivileged students through his charitable trust funded by his business on Amazon.

Dr. Dharma Prasad, who is a scientist and head of a bio-tech firm sells Science Kits on Amazon under his brand Fun+Learn. Coming from a family of teachers, he was always very passionate about education. He saw the difference between the way students learnt science in the US. Having gone through the process himself, he knew that students here learn science in the classrooms, through rote methodology. He wanted to make science practical and fun – that’s how Fun+Learn started.

He put together prisms, ammeters, copper wires and other material, with a written manual on how to conduct certain experiments. Meanwhile, he had also started a charitable trust called Samvidya Trust, which used to help underprivileged children by sponsoring fees, giving ‘Best student’ awards and providing them with science kits. This was running with his pocket money. To make the trust self-sustainable, Dr. Dharma Prasad uses 50% of his profit from Amazon to run the trust, and thus, continues helping the government school children. His science kits are not just reaching thousands of children through Amazon, but also have become a means to help the underprivileged children.

Dr. Dharma Prasad: Hi, I’m Dr. Dharma Prasad. I come from a simple middle class family, where, the best gift my Dad could give me was education.

Currently, I am the head of a biotech company, managing the India operations for the US-based company. I also teach as an honorary visiting professor in two colleges.

I have seen the way we learn science and I have gone through that process, and that is not interesting. We learn science by rote methodology in classrooms. When I travelled through US and Europe, I saw students learn “science” in a different way.

They learn practically, they learn hands on. And that is where Fun+Learn originated.

The way I thought of it, is to bring all these materials, like lenses, magnets, multimeters and everything, and put it in a package and make it into a kit with instructions on how to do it.

That’s when you can play with ‘science’, have fun with ‘science’, and get excited about it. That is what Fun+Learn is about.

After returning from US, I started a public charitable trust called ‘Samvidya trust, which helps Government schools by providing Best Science Student Awards, sponsor fees for people who can’t afford it and also give some of the scientific material to the schools, for students to experiment with.

Bharath: We have been on Amazon for more than a year now. When we started we had around 10 products. Now we have more than 150. The sales have gone up by more than 75%.

Dr. Dharma Prasad :

Now, this was running with my pocket money. So, 50% of the profits Fun+Learn makes by selling its kits and products on Amazon could be given to the trust, and the trust could help the underprivileged students.

Sujaya: Samvidya Trust has provided us with a science kit called Fun+Learn. It helps us teach the students with excitement and also helps the children to learn with enthusiasm.

Pruthvi: The science kits they (Samvidya Trust) have given us has been useful in many ways. Same way, I am requesting them to give the science kits to our friends even next year.

Dr. Dharma Prasad: Fun+Learn
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