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Amit's inspiring journey from employee to entrepreneur|
कर्मचारी से व्यापारी तक अमीत की प्रेरणादायक यात्रा

From working at a Call Centre in Jaipur to owning a textile manufacturing business, Amit paved his way into becoming a successful entrepreneur by selling on Amazon.

Amit is a young aspirational entrepreneur who sells bed sheets, kurtis and seasonable handicraft items from the pink city of India, Jaipur. His offline business is set up amidst the busy streets of Johri Bazaar. Few years back he had a regular job at a Call Centre with fixed timings that restricted him from exploring other opportunities for growth. Ever since he started selling on Amazon, he has the freedom to meet people and source for new material and designs for his business.

"My name is Amit Gupta. I live in a village, Achrol, which is 30 kms from Johri Bazaar here in Rajasthan. My office is located at Firozi Katla in Johri Bazaar. On, I use the name Art Bazaar and I sell bedsheets, kurtis, handicrafts and seasonal items like ganghor dolls, rakhis and pooja items for Diwali. I sell these things on Amazon.

I had a friend who used to work with me at a call centre. He told me that I should start an online business and sell online. He asked me to help him set up online and I was able to figure out how to open an account and how to get the listings done. So, I opened an account for him. He was selling kurtis on Amazon. I got a little irritated that I was doing all his work but he was reaping the benefits. And I was getting a limited fixed salary - Rs. 2000 - 3000. But it wasn't enough for me. So I decided to venture into online selling.

The first platform I decided to use was because it doesn't take time to set up the account and it is very simple too. If you are able to input the product details without any mistakes the product will go live for sale in 15-20 minutes. The commission and other charges are clearly stated on the portal. There are no hidden charges. In the manufacturing unit, we make bedsheets and pillow covers. First, we get the raw material which is then washed. After washing, the raw material is then dried. After drying, the material is then placed on a wax coated table. Then we fill in the colour using different moulds.

My setup for Amazon...I have an office in Johri Bazaar. We do the dispatching from that location using Amazon Easy Ship. And my other manufacturing unit is in Sanganer. 2 years ago I used to do a regular job where the timings were fixed - 10 am - 6 pm and there was no freedom to do anything. I couldn't leave to do anything if something comes up urgently. But since September when I started selling on Amazon.I can go anywhere. I have the freedom to meet people and also go outside to source for new material and designs. I have experienced a lot of growth. I sell on Amazon and you can do it too."

Amit: Art Bazaar
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