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Despite hurdles, Sachit achieves success twice on Amazon

Watch Sachit Kapoor find success on Amazon, overcome unforeseen hurdles and find success again

One of our oldest sellers talks about his journey on Amazon. From owning a stable business to his account getting suspended to restarting his account, Sachit has been through all the ups and downs. Against the odds, learn about how Seller Rewards Program motivated Sachit to regain his old momentum and then scale to new heights.

''My name is Sachit Kapoor. I sell Black Tiger, West Code and Zoom shoes on Amazon. I am from Pathankot and I studied computer engineering. After that I helped my brother and father with their gold and diamond shop. There was a lot of work with commodity trading. We would have to work very late into the night. I knew I wanted to do something else. Something which would lead to money coming into my account when I'm asleep at night. I registered on Amazon in November 2015. There were a few problems when I registered, but Amazon really helped me out. They really helped me with listing and cataloging and after that they took my products live. After going live, I was happy when we were selling around 2-3 products a day. I thought this was a good website and I increased the number of products. On 26th January 2014, there was a 3 day sale on Amazon where we sold 25 products in one day. By the 3rd day, all our stock was sold out. Everything was going good but in July our account got suspended. There was a miscommunication with my supplier because I listed some products I should not have because of which our account got suspended. We tried our best to reinstate the account. But it was not happening and we were facing a lot of problems.

After our account restarted, we found out that our sales had fallen around 80%. We were only getting around 20 orders and for us to reach the same position we did before where we sold 100+ products would not happen again for another few years. But that did not happen. There was a contest on Seller Rewards Program called Sales Ka Badshah. We saw that they were giving out seller rewards such as cash prizes, Trips to Bangalore. There would be 3 people who would get to go to the United States of America. This motivated us a lot. We thought we should try our best to increase sales like before and focused our efforts for the contest and we were determined to increase our sales by any means necessary. Seller Rewards Program has helped me a lot and has motivated me to reach our sales targets effectively. We won't be confident of whether we will be able to reach the target or not but it motivates us to work. We used to check the leaderboard everyday to see in which position we were at. We were on number 35 first and then climbed up to to number 17. Before our account got suspended we used to get a 100 orders a day and it has taken only 3 months. to reach the same position and today I am happy to say we are selling 100 products a day. Because of Amazon some of my dreams are fulfilled and the rest of them will come true as well.''

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