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Pochampally weavers braved adverse conditions to became business owners through Amazon

At a distant village in Telengana named Pochampally, hundreds of weavers have been weaving the famed Pochampally silk sarees selling directly to their customers through Amazon.

Across the entire village of Pochampally, you can hear the sound of handloom weaving silk sarees. This village is also popularly known as the weaving village around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. For many years, the Pochampally silk sarees were woven for temple godessess, until a few decades back when they were made available for common people.

Since the village residents don't have easy access to the major surrounding cities like Hyderabad and Warangal, they were extremely dependent on distributers and traders who gave them very little commision for their efforts.
Only a year back Amazon introduced the weavers to the concept of online selling and today, 50% of the Pochampally weavers sell their sarees directly on Amazon using the Amazon seller App.

My name is Nagula Ballaya. This is our family profession passed down from our grandfather and father. We weave Pochampally sarees. I am a handloom worker. Two years back we faced a lot of problems, even hunger deaths happened, I've been weaving for the past five years.

My father and grandfather were weavers too. At present I am also in the same profession. I am very happy to do this. My forefathers faced a lot of difficulties. There was no proper rate and we had to sell our products at a lower rate.

We did not even have money for food. We faced many difficulties. But after digitisation (going online), we are very happy. Through online selling our profits have gone up.

At present we are happy.

During my father's time they used to sell the sarees to wholesale dealers. We used to supply to them. Direct sales happened only to one or two customers, we used to send it to them. But the present situation has changed a lot, we are selling directly to the customer. Today with digitisation we are displaying the sarees on the internet and selling online.

Amazon is supporting us and we are selling directly to the customer. We are selling at a good rate. When we sold them wholesale, we did not even make 5% profit. Selling has become easier for us with Amazon's seller app.

At present we upload the sarees on the app. After we get the order, we supply them. This is very simple, we just have to upload the sarees. They do the designing, they do the modeling and they do the marketing also.

We are able to do marketing very easily with the help of Amazon online. We are selling them at a good rate and we are very happy.

Nagula Ballya & Srikanth: Pochampally
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