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A story of dedication and undying hope

Rakesh Ramrakhani takes his family business to unimaginable heights

Rakesh's father started their business of selling bedsheets by the streets of Johri Bazar in Jaipur, now they own a shop and sell across India to thousands of customers. During his growing years, Rakesh would go off to his father's shop immediately after college to help out. Eventually when he decided to concentrate entirely on his father's business, he was faced with the idea of selling online. He took the leap, and stirred many reactions. Looking back now, he believes Amazon was the best decision of his life. The journey of Lali Prints, Rakesh Ramrakhani and his family has been inspirational; watch how Amazon played an important role in support of this change.

"Lali Prints has been operational since the year 1982. My grandfather used to sell bedsheets alongside the footpath of the market. Then my father moved the business into a shop, located in one of the busiest tourist hubs of Jaipur, Johri Bazar. I have been in this business for the past six years. While I was in college, I would come here to work part time. The online shopping trend had just started then, and I thought why not start selling our products online too.

Customers have immense belief in Amazon. Everybody wants to buy from Amazon. Their entire marketplace focuses primarily on customer satisfaction. From the past 6 months I have been working with FBA, because the Jaipur fulfillment center was opened only a year back. Customers buying from Amazon expect timely deliveries so they specifically like buying products available through FBA. Only if they don’t find it under FBA, do they look at non-FBA products. This guarantees good sales. Our sales have increased by ten times and we are now able to provide more variety to our customers. We received an overwhelming response during Diwali Dhamaka. We benefitted in two ways. First, our products listed under FBA sold in large numbers and we also received a lot of orders for our non-FBA products that were dispatched from our own warehouse. It literally meant that we achieved and worked as much as we could, but Amazon helped us tremendously."

Rakesh: Lali Prints
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