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Breaking the barriers - Shilpa becomes successful business woman | शिल्पा बनी सफल व्यवसायी महिला

Starting her own business and becoming a successful woman entrepreneur was one of the dreams of Shilpa Jariwal, 24, who hails from NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh.

Breaking the barriers of coming from a very conservative family, Shilpa, 24, decided to start her own business by selling on Amazon. With this video, she hopes that her parents will not only be convinced of her running a business but will also be proud of her.

In our society, women have a well define role. They believe their purpose is to look after the house and look after the kids. Nothing else! What they want to do, nobody wants to know!

My name is Shilpa, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Bhiwani, Haryana. Right now I live in Noida. I’m come from a kind of family where women are educated just so that they can marry an educated man. My parents told me not to pursue a professional course and to go into the teaching profession. But I explained to them and convinced them and I took the admission into a professional course and completed my MBA after that.

After that I returned home. After returning home, I was told to go into the teaching profession and find a job there, but I convinced them and then I came to Delhi to do my job! After coming to Delhi, I worked for three e-commerce start-ups. Over there, they said the timings were 9 to 6 job but made us work from 9 to 10. That’s when I thought that if I could put this much of time into these companies and make them successful, then I can start my own company! So these companies for whom I got exposure from and gained my skill set from, I decided to start my own business with these companies.

So finally we added medical equipment and devices to our catalogue. Usually when you start a business, people find it very hard. And for a lady, it becomes even more negative. But in our case, when we first set up the business, we received a lot of support. As of now we have been selling on Amazon for 3 months. In the first month we did 40 thousand in sales. Now we are doing 3 lacs a month in sales!

After doing my MBA I asked my parents for two years to do whatever I wanted to accomplish in my life. It was my dream to start my own business. And Amazon fulfilled my dream! The two years have gone by and my parents don’t know that I’m running my own business! I’m hoping that after this video, they will understand that a girl can conduct a business and be successful and that they can be proud of me as well!

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