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Samarth and Varun use Amazon's Automated Pricing Tool, which has helped their business scale new heights and achieve online success.

Samarth and Varun sell electronics under the brand name "Best Buy Shoppe". Being engineering graduates, they wanted to do something on their own and decided to sell electronics online.

While their sales were good right from the start, due to high number of orders, calculating buy box price for each SKU proved to be difficult. With the introduction of Amazon's Automated Pricing Tool, this problem was solved. It just requires them to set the maximum and minimum price of their products and the tool calculates the rest. This tool has helped them grow their business by being accurate, time-saving and extremely practical. They use this extra time to run their business better and pursue their personal passions.

Samarth: Hi, I am Samarth.

Varun: Hi, I am Varun.

Samarth: We deal with electronics on Amazon under the brand name Best Buy Shoppe.
During our engineering we were into network marketing business.

Varun: That is when we got interested in selling online and we were selling very small on an e-commerce website. And when we got introduced to Amazon we got a lot of support and response.

Samarth: Our business at Amazon was growing at a very good pace because of which we were able to generate a lot of sales and revenue. But even after winning the Buy Box Spot, to calculate the pricing of each and every product of close to 200 SKUs proved to be very inefficient and time-consuming.

Varun: When Amazon introduced Automated Pricing Tool, this issue was taken care of. By setting the minimum and maximum price we were able to win the Buy Box. Due to this our revenue increased from 22 lakhs to 45 lakhs a month and our Buy Box percentage also increased from 77 to around 96%.

Samarth: With the help of this tool, we are able to grow our business better and manage it more efficiently.

Varun: And of course, it has helped us pursue our hobbies and travel more.

Samarth and Varun: Best Buy Shoppe
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