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Giving traditional Indian earthy cookware a new online market

Inspired by their roots and their road trips, the founders of Zishta used selling on Amazon to give traditional Indian cookware a comeback

From the hustle and bustle of urban Bengaluru.One seller on Amazon found a way to bring together local artisans, to create traditional earthy cookware.
Meet the team behind Zishta; Meera, Archish and Varishta.

Archish: So it was 10 years of work in corporate life, and I think that seemed to be the saturation point for me. I realized I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something that impacts life.

These guys have given employment to more than 20 artisans across India - in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Manipur, Orissa and Karnataka.

Varishta: It was during the course of the road trip that we happened to meet quite a few of these artisan groups. We spent a lot of time with my grandmother, from whom we learnt a lot of our traditional practices.
What you see here in Tenkashi district is one of the last few foundries left where they make the best dosa kallu in the country. And in one of the road trips we found this out and we had a conversation with the owners. And we found out that there were 40 such foundries in this place, just about a couple of decades back.

And there are just 2 left now. So when we started working with them at Zishta, our main objective was how do we get the interest in these dosa kallus back among our customers.

Ramesh: It's been 1 and a half to 2 years since we started working with Zishta. And ever since then we have seen good movement of our products. Customers keep coming back to buy more.

Archish: Over the last 1 and a half years, we have grown from 4 products to almost 60 products and we are still adding more. I think Amazon gives us a very steady cash flow mechanism, you know on the Wednesday every week you’re going to get this much into your account. From a monthly revenue of 10 thousand to we do about 4 to 5 lakhs of business with Amazon now. I think that's the kind of benefit we are getting and also the reach we are getting with Amazon.

Meera: In Zishta what we try to do is, we try and our whole focus is to revive tradition back. And that's why we call ourselves traditional wisdom in practice. We want to bring it to practice and let people know that practicing it is not very difficult.

Archish: And that's what helped cystralise on this space would be a good business opportunity to explore

Archish, Varishta & Meera; Zishta
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