Selling on Amazon is undeniably the easiest and quickest way of setting up your business online. This is possible because the Seller Central platform used by sellers to register and manage their seller account is constantly being updated and simplified.

In this digital age, sellers with a physical shop may feel that listing products online is a challenge. If you have your documents in place and a product to sell, then listing your product is the last step to get your online business started.

As we have previously covered, the process of online selling goes through the following primary steps; Set up your online store by registering your business on an online marketplace.

Amazon’s Seller University (SU) aims to educate and guide sellers on the basics of online selling and the best practices to follow, to build a successful online business. 

As one of the largest online marketplaces in India*, with crores of customers and a varied selection of products ranging from a hairpin to furniture, Amazon can help you grow tremendously as an online seller.

Amazon constantly strives to be the largest Online Store on earth by bringing the largest selection of products to its customers.

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