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Today, more than 6 lakh sellers choose to reach out to crores of customers, and they all enjoy a host of benefits like:

Secure payments, regularly

Secure payments
Your money is safely deposited directly to your bank account every 7 days, even for Pay-on-Delivery orders.

Stress-free shipping

Stress-free shipping
We take care of delivering your products, whether through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Easy Ship.

Services for every need

Service Provider
Get paid support from third-party professionals for product photography, account management, and much more.

Requirements to Sell

If you want to sell on, you will need to access the Amazon Seller Central. You can do this by creating an account. It takes just 15 minutes and you need just two things to start selling:
The GST/PAN information of your selling business
Bank Account
An active bank account to deposit payments
Based on the category and the brand you are selling, understand step-by-step process to selling on, top selling sub-categories, documents required to list you products, calculating fees, etc., in the category pages given below.
Popular categories and their listing requirements, pricing structures

Amazon jargon:

Seller Central

Seller Central is the website where sellers log in to manage their sales activity. You can list products, manage inventory, update pricing, communicate with buyers, monitor your account health and get support.

Listing your products

Once you have created your Seller Central account, you can make your product available for sale on through the listing process. Here’s how to do it: through the listing process.
  • If you are selling something already available for purchase on, then you can simply list your product by matching it to an existing product
  • If you are a brand owner or you are selling a new product, you will need to create a listing for your product by adding all it's information such as product details, dimensions, images, features and variations

Store & Deliver

As an seller, you can choose to store your products and deliver them to your customers or Amazon could do it for you.

Your options are:
  • Fulfillment by Amazon: Amazon takes care of storage, packing & delivery. You get the Prime badge & Amazon also handles customer support.
  • Easy Ship: You store the products and Amazon delivers it to your customers.
  • Self Ship: You handle both storage and delivery of products through third-party courier service

Get paid for your sales

Once you become an seller, you will begin receiving orders. After your account is verified, your payments for these orders will be deposited in your bank account every 7 days (deducting the Amazon fees). You can view your settlements anytime on your Seller Central profile and can contact Seller Support in case of queries

Grow your business with

Once you become an seller, you will have access to a host of tools and programs (both paid and free) to help your business grow.

Here’s how Amazon can help you grow:
  • When you opt for Fulfillment by Amazon to deliver your products to the customers, or you choose to sell under Local Shops by Amazon, you get the Prime Badge.
  • You can use our Automated Pricing tool to set rules and automatically adjust the prices of your products and increase the chances of winning the Buy Box.
  • Using our Voice of Customers Dashboard, you get to learn more from your customers.

Support is always a click away

As an seller, you will always have our support. If you have a question, we will answer it. If you are looking to outsource services to a professional service provider, we can help. Or, if you simply want to learn on your own, we are there to support you.
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