Get a feel of 2018’s best marketing strategies

by Swetasree on 21/03/2018
There’s no place for complacency in the world of marketing as a new trend emerges practically every week. As importance as it is to adapt to current trends, one must be prepared to set trends for others to follow.

Here’s a list of the best marketing strategies that you should implement in 2018 to take your game to the next level.

Go live on social media

Most social media platforms have launched a live streaming service of their own. Test your brand and reach out to a larger audience by going live. If your product or service is something that necessitates demonstration, consider an instructive session. Tell your audience how a particular manner of usage can maximise potential gains from a specific product. Expert sessions that allow the audience to ask questions, which will be answered in real time make for quite an engaging marketing strategy. Using live streaming ensures that you reach an audience who cannot be present in person for a particular session. Offer tips, tricks, and tutorial sessions as part of going live. You should announce the specificities of your streaming session well in advance to ensure that eager customers do not end up missing it.

Share ephemeral content

Ephemeral content has proven to be a big hit in 2017 and is here to stay. Such content is temporary and boosts sales immensely. Major social media platforms have launched ephemeral content display services. This kind of content is generally visual and captures the essence of the service or product. It usually disappears after 24 hours and captures the imagination of social media users who usually do not want to miss out on anything. The engaging nature of these ‘stories’ make them vehicles for great sales conversion initiatives.

Get influencers on board

Influencer marketing is basically word-of-mouth promotion for your product or service offering. Your customers are more likely to trust recommendations coming from people they know. Influencers have an established online presence and are considered to be thought leaders and trendsetters in the marketing domain. Your influencer of choice should necessarily be someone who fits well with your product and can make it work in the market. Usually, your customers and influencer will be similar in their tastes and preferences. This makes it easier for your influencer to reach out to existing and potential customers.

Publish personalised content

You got to publish innovative content as part of your marketing strategy. If you do not set yourself apart from the competition, you lose the game at the very outset. Putting out personalised content might be a good idea to connect with your customers, both existing and potential. Greater sales conversions are a likely eventuality, especially with multiple data capturing and analytical tools available online.

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