6 tips to start an online coffee business

by Anupriya on 11/04/2018
Most millenials think of coffee as the perfect beverage to kick-start their day. The demand for coffee is constant all year round and the market is expected to grow at the rate of 5.9% CAGR between 2018 to 2020*. The right blend of coffee can do wonders, even more so because selling coffee can be a lucrative business opportunity. Looking for ideas to start a business online? Your answer lies in coffee.

The country has ample choices as far as coffee is concerned. Before you get into the deep of it, here are a few factors you need to consider for running a successful coffee business online:

Conduct a thorough research. Not all blends of coffee sell equally well. The best way to start off on a positive note is to source and sell the most popular blends. Market research is your best bet in knowing what sells and what doesn’t. Before investing, conduct a thorough market research to ascertain what your offering will be. You can later add to your repertoire of offerings once your business stabilises.

Source the best products. In India, a majority of the coffee is produced in southern parts, with Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu dominating trade. Andhra Pradesh follows close, with a production of 7425 million tons of coffee. Apart from the southern states, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizoram are also known for producing coffee. You’ve a variety of places to source your coffee from. Your USP should be in having an inventory of a large variety of products that can offer multiple options to your customers. Label each coffee by region and blend to gain maximum traction.

Apply for a trade license. You need to apply for different licenses and permits, requesting sales tax number to employer identification number (EIN). In order to use business forms, such as tax forms and business registration forms, you must have a PAN card and business permit. You will also need to purchase home business insurance to safeguard your business assets from lawsuits.

Go online with your business. Once you go online, you reach hundreds of customers at one go. The best part is, you can sell on an online marketplace instead of building your own website and incurring additional cost.

Get your business listed and get access to savvy shoppers. For selling ground and whole bean coffee beans, register your business on online shopping engines like Amazon, where you can compare and sell the best product at the best price.

Market your business through social media. With social media taking the spotlight in marketing, it is easier now to select and implement the right advertising strategies to attract coffee lovers to your brand. You can opt for affiliate marketing for new business and gain a steady first batch of customers. Send the customers occasional emails, publish newsletters, create Facebook and Instagram stories, encourage giveaway through social media shares, etc. to build a strong presence and promote your brand proactively.

With these factors in to guide you, you’re good to go online with your business. As the e-commerce sector gears up for competition, you will need to match up to the customer expectations and come up with great ideas to make your coffee business more dynamic. So, register on Amazon now and make the most of its host seller services: from FBA to Amazon Pay. Look no further and become an e-tailer today.

*Source: Statista: Outlook on Coffee in India

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