A quick guide to e-commerce packaging materials

by Francesa on 10/09/2018
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Packaging is one of the first things that allows you to make an impression on your customers. Even though people care about the real product, packaging helps take that unboxing experience to a whole new level, often inspiring brand credibility. So what are the different packaging materials available and how do you decide what’s best for each item?

Well-planned packaging can even help cut down on a bulk of your shipping costs in the long run. So if you are a new entrepreneur in the online selling business, this packaging guide is a helpful read and probably worth a pin up on your warehouse corkboard.

Fragile items
One of the toughest things to pack are delicate items that contain glass or are made of it. These include crockery, mirrors, frames and others. These must be rolled in bubble wrap, Styrofoam sheets or layered blank newsprint if you want to go really cheap. The whole idea is to provide adequate cushioning so that the items for selling can handle shocks and bumps during transit.

Unbreakable items
Things like books, fashion apparel, jewellery, wooden or plastic durable items require minimal packaging materials like poly bags, blank newsprints and a standard cardboard box. These are generally the no-nonsense kind of products that are delightfully pocket-friendly especially for those starting a home business.

A mixed lot
The only time things can get a little challenging is when you are packing items of different sizes and dimensions. If you are doing a mix of fragile and non-fragile things, top carriers recommend you layer the entire package with at least 2 inches of cushioning to save it from any probable damage.

Branded packaging
For those of you starting a new business, who believe that your brand should make a statement from the get go, branded packaging materials are what you should seriously consider investing in. This includes everything from sticking tape, corrugated boxes or even perfect brand colour-coordinated boxes, poly bags with your logo on it. Let your mind run free to incorporate any creative possibility that helps build a brand resonance in your customer’s mind. You can even throw in a personally penned message like “I hope you enjoy the product as much as we enjoyed making it.” Or you could drop in an exclusive discount voucher urging them to shop again.

Eco-friendly packaging
Customers today are innately conscious of the brands they support. So if you are selling a hand-made, organic and naturally crafted product, one of the best marketing ideas for a small business like yours is to include eco-friendly packaging as a part of your strategy. While starch peanuts that dissolve in water are relatively more expensive than your regular Styrofoam, they are a great way to say that yours is an earth-friendly business. There are a good number of eco-friendly consumers who wouldn’t mind paying a little more for your step towards a sustainable world.

So if you are planning of starting an online business it’s about time you register on Amazon and give your products national spotlight.

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