Amazon Pay a worthy partner for starting a business in India

Here are some benefits that you can gain by leveraging Amazon Pay

by Yash on 09/05/2018
If you are a new age entrepreneur starting a business in India, look no further than Amazon. Amazon’s one-stop seller portal offers a host of advantages for new sellers. Among all competitive advantages, Amazon offers, Amazon Pay being a top draw.

Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service that leverages Amazon’s consumer base. It provides users the option of making payments through their Amazon accounts while shopping on external retailer websites.

For businesses, Amazon Pay spells opportunities for growth through customer conversion and retention across the vast consumer base. It also allows them to engage with clients across multiple devices, turn browsers into buyers, and provide on-time delivery services anywhere in the country.

As the proprietor of a small business, here are some benefits that you can gain by leveraging Amazon Pay:

Increased conversions. Unlike some online retail platforms, Amazon Pay provides a streamlined and simplified payment process to its clients. Payment details remain stored in the buyer’s account, and the entire check out process requires minimal clicks. This increases the chances of conversions.

Customer acquisition. Once a client has had a satisfactory online retail experience, he or she is likely to come back for further purchases. Existing clients are also likely to refer your business to other potential clients, who might even get hooked to the world of online retail from the get-go!

Fraud protection. Amazon Pay offers its sellers and customers protection from fraudulent payment processes. This ensures that all transactions are legitimate and consolidates the online payment process.

Customer confidence. A simple and streamlined online payment process, combined with protection against fraud instills confidence in customers and lends credibility to your business. In this digital age, customers have more faith in a business that has an online payment option than one that does not. It reassures them about fraud protection and that their money will be credited back if the product never makes it to them.

Customer loyalty. A simple payment process, protection from fraud, and customer confidence generate customer loyalty. Once a client knows that he or she is protected from fraud, can pay through a familiar and simple process across devices, your business is reliable, there is bound to be customer loyalty. Not only will the client come back to your business for further purchases, but also referrals to other potential clients will increase, driving up your profit margin.

If you’re starting a business in India, then Amazon can be your best friend. We’re saying that Amazon Pay can help your small business get recognition, ensure customer loyalty, and reap a steady flow of profits all with one simple move. Register with Amazon and be a valued retailer to an ever-growing client base.
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