Amazon Sponsored Products: Start your business in India easily

by Francesca on 16/05/2018
For online sellers starting a business in India, finding the right marketing tool can be a tough task. But, things get simplified when you’re a seller with Amazon. Amazon offers a host of value-add services to its sellers, among which Sponsored Products shines brightly. Amazon Sponsored Products is a key marketing tool. It has a lot to offer to sellers who can explore the possibilities it has to offer.

From choosing between campaign types, shortlisting products to what makes for a good budget spends, let’s get a decent picture of the functions and best practices of this platform:

Before you create a campaign:

Choose your products wisely

Many e-sellers starting a business in India have trouble choosing between the entire portfolio and a specific product line. What’s important to keep in mind is that by a conscious segregation you may cause an unintentional bias towards certain products. Analyse the pros and cons of this decision before you launch the campaign.

Know your ultimate objective

Whether it is signing up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program or kicking off a campaign on Amazon’s Sponsored Products knowing your final goal is key. The most common e-seller objectives fall into one of these buckets –

Liquidations – Looking to get rid of old stocks with a decent drop in margin

Profits – Leveraging best–selling products

Launch - New to market products that deserve more exposure

Pay close attention to keywords

Not many e-sellers starting a business in India pay enough heed to this aspect or have sufficient knowledge about how SEO works within the Amazon platform. A smart move would be to create campaign ad groups with keywords relevant to product specific attributes like style, colour, pattern and other key USPs. This helps in cutting short the average time to reach your target audience. You can also refer to the keyword search data from the Search Term Report to find out how your previous customers landed on your product pages.

Campaign creation:

Campaign Type

Amazon Sponsored Products broadly offers you 2 campaign types: Manual and Automatic. Manual campaigns allow for more control in terms of keywords and a target audience more inclined to make a purchase. Automatic campaigns are those where Amazon makes all the decisions for you – in that they serve up to a larger audience basis their idea of relevance to past customer searches. While both have their pros, choosing a one-size-fits-all is not the norm to be followed here.

Keyword type and mirrored campaigns

Keywords are generally divided into 3 combinations:

A Broad Match – Wherein the order of search terms is relaxed and the customer still gets to see your product

A Phrase Match – Picks up searches that include the phrase you mention

An Exact Match – Words that correlate perfectly to the order prescribed

When it comes to naming your campaign demographics set, a great way to save time is by naming them specifically to the objective you had in mind. This way you can easily use the same audience for a slightly different objective in your future campaigns.


Setting a budget for your campaign should be nothing but the most practical amount you can afford to spend on a daily basis. It’s not necessary that the whole amount will get spent. Another great boon for Amazon e-sellers is that with the latest introduction of Unified Billing, they can get their ad spends deducted directly from their sales proceeds.

So, armed with the knowledge of Amazon Sponsored Products, get ready to rock your e-venture today.

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