Banner advertising: A stunning business improvement idea for small ventures

by Laboni on 23/04/2018
Back in 1994 surprised netizens with the first ever banner ad. It simply said, “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.” Those that clicked the ad were in for a treat, but that’s a story for another day. As for AT&T, it was a resounding success resulting in a whopping website traffic. Welcome to the world of banner ads.

Otherwise known as display advertising, banner ad has become the darling of web advertising ever since its inception in the early 90s. In fact, 61% of online ad expenditure is on banner ads1. Web banners can be a great business improvement idea if executed well. As opposed to text-based advertising, banner ads comprise either an image, or a multimedia object. Hosted on web pages, banner ads can be:

Static: These banners are clickable images or visuals which redirect to the landing page of the advertised product or service.

Animated: Hosted by a web server, animated banners can be anything from GIFs to cinemagraphs, serving the same purpose as the static one.

The visual appeal of banner ads is undeniable. This is what makes banner ads a dependable business improvement idea, especially for small ventures. Wonder how? Simply because visual merchandising is ruling the roost and banner ads form a big part of that. Things only get interesting when figures show that even though a potential customer reads just 20% of web content, he/she views every image on display2. Simply put, web banners are more effective than traditional advertising.

Banner advertising is extremely influential in attracting and retaining customers. That’s not all. Here’s a brief glance at how banners add value to your business:

Increase customer traffic. Banner ads are clickable. An enticing banner will prompt an existing customer or a prospective one to click on it, thereby redirecting on the product page. If the add is attractive enough it will direct customer traffic to your website/product.

Retain customers and acquire prospects. This is what makes banner ads a dependable business improvement idea. Banner ads are catchy and can be positioned in various places on the host website, making them visible to visitors at any given point of time.

Declare discounts and sales. Emails and texts might go unread, but if you use banners to announce upcoming sales, new arrivals, etc. it is sure to catch your customer’s attention.

Create brand awareness. Display advertising is a nifty campaign tool that can create a positive brand perception and drive sales. When deployed alongside search engine campaigning, display advertising can help in business growth.

In short, banner ads are the multitasking marketing experts as far as business growth and improvement is concerned. Display advertising is an indispensable part of virtual merchandising and a powerful tool for small businesses to bank on. After all, it’s cost-effective advertising. At Amazon, sellers can advertise their products by opting for Sponsored Products. Good news: sellers only pay when their ad is clicked. That way, sellers save on funds while having their products listed on the much visited website.

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Source: Economic Times: Building brand awareness through Display Advertising

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