Factors to consider before becoming a glass manufacturer in India

by Priyanka on 15/05/2018
Glass is an indispensable item of daily use, be it in modern architecture, medicine containers, tableware, decor, light bulb making or any other industry. The simple fact that glass manufacturing industry is expected to reach 102,300 million U.S. dollars in 2018 is reason enough to consider becoming a glass manufacturer*. So, if you’re planning to invest in a glass manufacturing business, read on to know about the basics you need to take into account for becoming a glass manufacturer in India.

Conduct a feasibility study

One of the major challenges you will encounter in glass manufacturing is the cost of the machine used in the process and overall expenses. Therefore, it is best to conduct a feasibility study that will help assess whether your prospective business idea is viable or not. Consider the supply and demand aspect before starting off. This study must be well-researched in order for you to successfully sort out the different segments of your business. With a feasibility study in place, you can now move on the next crucial step, the finances.

Financial Planning

Glass manufacturing is a capital intensive business. Consider the report of your feasibility study to zero-in on what kind of glass manufacturing you want to get into, such as float glass, glassblowing, etc. The next step is to search for potential investors to fund your project. You should ideally enlist the help of industry experts to have a secure business plan in place. On Amazon, you can engage with professionals who will train you to set up your business. Once you are done with your funding arrangement, you can start focusing on plant construction. The construction plant must have all facilities to be used for a glass manufacturing. To find best plant equipment, consider auctions.

Choose your location

Your proposed factory location must be the number one factor that defines your business viability. In choosing the location, bear in mind the easy availability of raw materials, possibility environmental damage, proximity of the target market, etc. because this will help you to lessen transportation expenses in the long run.

The raw materials

A constant, cost-effective supply of raw materials such as lime stone, soda ash, sand, etc. is very important in order for the business to continue operating without hindrance. So, you need to ensure that the supply of raw materials is stable.

Obtain licenses and certificates

For a glass manufacturing unit, you need to obtain state specific trade licenses and secure certificates that allow you to sell your products. You must obtain all such clearance certificates, etc. needed to legally start trading in manufactured glass.

Once you’ve taken care of all these factors, consider selling your glass products online. As a registered seller on Amazon, you can sell directly to customers or, to other business. Support features like Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Pay ensures smooth delivery and payment for your customers, helping build their trust in you and hence spell growth for your venture.

*Source: Statista.com: Glass industry - Statistics & Facts

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