Beeswax product: Your next eco-friendly creative small business idea

by Kamini on 12/6/2018
If you haven’t hopped on to the green trend yet, now is the time. Sustainable businesses are all the rage. Any debutante entrepreneur looking to start a creative small business now needs to take into consideration the impact and footprint they leave behind. The idea is to be responsible in earning a living for yourself.

As a green brand, you will not just be fulfilling an ethical responsibility but generating a profit as well. Whether it is home furnishings or photography merchandise, taking your products to the next level with sustainability is the way forward.

In this regard, the latest craze to hit the market is beeswax products. Investing in beeswax as a creative small business idea has manifold advantages. You’ll be delivering a niche but high-on-demand product. You’ll be making an impactful entry with a unique offering in a saturated e-market. Your profit margins will be high as these products are typically priced higher than regular FMCG products.

Naturally produced by honeybees, beeswax is an element that can be used in multiple ways, whether it be for cosmetic, medical or home care products. Its anti-bacterial, naturally moisturising and healing properties make it a most sought-after ingredient. Used in several homemade as well as organic recipes, it is fast beginning to replace the considerably cosmetic replacements that are available in the market. While beeswax products cost roughly the same as a known brand, they are cheaper to produce, healthier, natural and do their bit for the environment.

Some beeswax products to start off with include:

Lip balm
A product that is universally used, this is easily made with beeswax using a combination of different types of oils. While commercial balms are usually made from paraffin wax which are toxic and harmful to the system, beeswax is a completely natural and far healthier option. Also, the cost to produce a tube of lip balm using beeswax is significantly lower than the cost of producing a tube of paraffin wax.

Lotions and body butters
There are various types of lotions that are used in the cosmetic industry that can easily be replaced using beeswax which can produce naturally thick and creamy lotions and body butters without the use of artificial substances.

Decorative candles
One of the most popular uses of beeswax is for candles. It can be used to make different types of candles such as scented, taper and tea lights. All of which would light up your home without any toxic fumes. If you’re looking for a reason to buy candles that burn brighter, remove toxins from the air and give off a sweet aroma, then look no further than beeswax candles.

Wood polish
Most homes, having a lot of wood furniture and decorative items made from wood often need regular maintenance. Rather than opting for chemically enhanced wood polishes, a more natural alternative containing beeswax would be a sensible green choice for the consumer.

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