Best marketing strategies to watch out for in 2018

by Agnishekhar on 23/04/2018
A comprehensive marketing strategy is an indispensable part of a company’s reputation. The better the marketing strategy, the higher is the brand’s value. This is especially applicable to the domain of retail businesses. Modern retail marketing is the result of various technological, cultural and economic changes. The marketing world is a dynamic one and there are quite a few trends that are set to shape the year 2018.

Here we bring the best marketing strategy trends to follow in 2018:

1. Technology: From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to big data and predictive analytics, technological trends will be a major factor moulding marketing strategies across the world in 2018. AI enabled chatbots are poised to be among the most influential of these. In fact, various organisations have already begun the implementation of chatbots. Another major transformative factor will be that of the use of Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR). AR/VR is allowing businesses to give customers a whole new way to familiarise with their product offerings.

2. Customer Experience: Personalisation is the need of the hour, and providing the customer with an experience that speaks to them personally can make all the difference in the marketing world. Engaging the customer in an emotionally resonant experience can help the customer make a more informed purchase decision, while, at the same time, improve the providers brand value.

3. Multi-channel marketing: Multi-channel marketing, being around for the better part of the last decade, is not strictly a new concept. However, in light of the present state of consumer demands, it has found renewed significance. Multi-channel marketing allows companies to diversify their service offerings and the same time reduce prices while improving profit margins. This also allows marketing products in accordance with customer preferences.

4. Automation: Once again, the term ‘automation’ has made its way into the priority list. Marketing automation can benefit businesses across industries but it is the small businesses that stand to make the most of it. By implementing marketing automation, businesses are capable of identifying high-quality leads and improving response time. By targeting the right customers marketing automation increases the lifetime value of customers.

There is no successful business without an impactful marketing strategy. A huge part of your business’ prospects lie in your marketing model. That said, the term ‘marketing’ is rather diffusive. A canopy that covers various operational wings like advertising, public relations, sales, promotion, and product placement. Only when all of these units come together and work in unison will you have the best marketing strategy which exceeds expectations.

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