What’s the best way to make your business a success - some best practices that could make you a Top Seller on Amazon

You’ve registered as an Amazon Seller, you have set your Amazon store up, now all that’s left to do is sit and wait for shoppers. Here they come. Wow. It’s exactly like how they advertised. You are on the right track to selling success. Sometimes though, a little thought creeps in - what if they don’t come by forever?

55% of online product search starts on Amazon. In 2019, Amazon recorded net revenue of $280.5 billion.

How do the best Amazon sellers keep people constantly coming back to their stores? Are there some best practices that you can follow? Learn from the best, as it were?

Of course, there are! Our Seller University features many tricks of the trade, with top Amazon sellers sharing their best practices. These practices range from how to list your products, how to increase your store’s online visibility to much more. When you do get the time, do log on and check out their tips at leisure.

In this blog, we’ll give you a quick overview of a few things you need to keep in mind when you begin your journey selling on Amazon. Not too much, just a taste for you to know what’s important and what you really need to pay attention to.

Here are a few best practices, as prescribed by our top-ranked Sellers of Amazon

1. Give your shoppers good looking and informative product listings

Looks are important. They are one of the first things that actually influence someone to come and check out your product, therefore, it is important to give them a visual treat. Make sure that your product photographs are of top quality and listed out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Today’s shoppers are also interested in knowing a lot more about the product: who made it, where did it come from, is it made sustainably, how is the product made, what goes into the making of the product, what are the raw materials, etc. The more information they get, the more information they have to go ahead and make a purchase decision. Go ahead, tell them everything. The more they know, the more the chances they may buy.
Good look and informative product listings

2. Build good product feedback

Here’s a piece of relationship advice - Listening is always good in any relationship. Be it a seller-buyer relation. Pay attention to what your buyers are saying about the product. Reply to every query and engage with every reviewer, especially for the negative feedback. Improve your product or process as per the reviews. The more approachable and engaging you are, the easier for the shoppers to communicate with you. Better communication, better feedback. Good feedback and reviews, good amounts of trust.

3. Keep up with your shipping promises

As a seller, it is one of the biggest benefits Amazon offers. Our delivery service, Amazon Easy Ship picks up the orders from the seller’s location using amazon logistics and then delivers it directly to the buyer’s location. The whole shipping process is thus hassle-free for the sellers. So, once you’ve got your product listed on Amazon, pay attention to how you strategize your shipping and fulfillment policies. Define your order and shipping processes. Stick to your timeline. On-time delivery is one of the highlights of Amazon that shoppers look up to. Don’t make false promises of one-day delivery if you can’t.
Keeping up with shipping promises

4. Keep your pricing competitive

Yes, pricing matters. In a universe where there are many, many brands fighting for attention, value is an integral factor in a shopper’s purchase decision. Keeping the option of competitive pricing is important, especially during sales and offers when the number of shoppers flooding the sites increase. Give them a good quality product, give them a good price. Surely, the chances of making a sale will be higher.

These are just some of the best practices to ensure you get your online business on the right track. Now, this may seem daunting to you but don’t worry. At every step of the way, Amazon is there to help you out. Services like Fulfilment by Amazon help you manage inventory, shipping, delivery and returns without too much effort on your part. Sponsored products are more visible to the buyers and increase the probability of sales, meaning more money. Pricing tools, coupon code generators can be your best friends when trying to determine how to give your shoppers the perfect value.

So here are a few tips to get you started. See how some of our Indian sellers started from zero and today, are selling to crores of shoppers. Get inspired by their stories, and the very best of luck to you.
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