Brand building strategies that do the trick

by Swetasree on 15/05/2018
A brand is a lot more than its product or service offering. As a natural corollary to that, the brand building strategy you adopt should be inclusive of a “service/product plus” idea. Building a brand requires consideration of the following:

Building a testimonial economy surrounding your brand. Customers are more likely to be influenced by comments and perception on a brand’s promotional piece than the promotion itself.

Connecting emotionally with your target audience. Understand what their major issues and problems are. Tell them relatable stories about how your offering effectively resolves their problems.

Speaking your audience’s language. Make use of taglines and branding words that immediately click with your target group. It works a lot better than clichédmarketing jargon.

Developing a niche for yourself. This ensures that on encountering the specific issue your brand intends to resolve, a customer will immediately think of your product as the standalone problem solver.

Being conversant in the language of your target demography. Make sure you understand their vibe. All promotional activities of your brand should be spoken, written, and conveyed in the language that is well understood by your customers.

Making your customers feel good about themselves when they associate with your brand. Your branding should not focus around unnecessary boasting of your market credibility. Instead, promote your brand as one that make your customers happy.

Retaining your authenticity while trying to build your brand. Do not lose track of what you are and what you are not while promoting your brand. In this regard, it is essential to stay true to one marketing ethic: do not get overtly promotional.

Consider this, a single mother and her young daughter is seen stargazing on a clear night sky. The mother, who’s a widower, tells her child that her father has found his place among the stars. The girl then insists on doing the impossible—travelling to the stars and being with her deceased father. A few days later, the mother watches Kalpana Chawla talk about her inspiring journey on television. She’s determined to make her daughter an astronaut, a symbolical aspiration. She goes on to sell their TV set to provide for her education. She goes on to fulfil her mother’s dream by becoming an astronaut. The grown up girl gifts her mother a new television for all the sacrifices she’s made for her upbringing. The girl, all set to travel to space, acknowledges every bit of her achievement to her father and her mother.

The above is a viral Indian advertisement from 2017. It represents a brand building strategy that’s simple in terms of its storytelling, relatable in its thematic selection, aspirational in the nature of its impact, yet promotional in capturing the essence of the brand.

The brand transcends its conventional image of a product manufacturer to one which is conventionally associated with everyday lives. While there are glimpses of television sets and water purifiers of the brand shown in the advertisement, the image that is effectively created is beyond the quantifiable benefits of the products.

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