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Breaking the Myths around Seller Flex

At Amazon, sellers get to choose from a variety of delivery options to fulfil their orders. One such option is the understated – Seller Flex model. Seller Flex is in no way inferior to the FBA model. One can achieve profitability and have a clarity on returns. In fact with Seller Flex, if all the policies are properly understood and followed, if data is properly maintained and if packing/ managing returns is streamlined, it serves as a great delivery option for the following reasons:

1. No dependency on the availability of FC appointments/ slots. This particularly helps during peak seasons/ sale events or like in the recent lockdown situation.

2. No missing/ damaged inventory discrepancies in inbound shipments as inbounding is done by the seller’s own manpower and in their own premises.

3. Removal orders can be instantly processed unlike the longer period taken in FBA for them to reach the seller.

4. Returns can be processed immediately. Thus, disposal of damaged goods/ inbounding of sellable goods can be done much faster.

5. For Switcheroo units, claims can be raised immediately and reimbursements are received within a week.

6. Refilling stocks at low inventory count/ out of stock scenarios is much easier and faster, thanks to the new direct inbound feature.

If one gets an invitation from Amazon for the Seller Flex program, has their own space, a team to responsibly handle the everyday inbounding/packing/managing returns, then one shouldn't hesitate in moving to Seller Flex.
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