Business ideas in India for beginners: Succeed as an etailer - Part 1

by Pinaz on 21/5/2018
In today’s age of mobile commerce, the shopping behaviour of the wandering consumers is constantly evolving. As they seek superior experiences defined by speed and convenience, customer experience now defines business success. That the rise and rise of the ubiquitous smartphone has redefined retail, is stating the obvious.

As consumers get fonder of making purchases on their phones at ease, their journeys from, ‘Hey, I saw that on….’ to ‘It’s mine, just bought it’, has become shorter and faster. In the absence of this combined convenience, they will go elsewhere. Hence, it’s increasingly significant to sell unique experiences when it comes to creative business ideas in India for beginners, and not just sell things to gain brand loyalty.

Today’s consumer literally navigates businesses; starting with their interests, to what they buy, and based on the best ways to reach out and sell to consumers. Add to this the stress of organising logistics, inventory, and huge capital can all be quite challenging for a budding entrepreneur looking at lucrative business ideas in India as a beginner.

Ever wondered if you should continue to pursue the offline selling drudgery, or up your entrepreneurial game by becoming a web retailer? You are not the only one. Your trajectory for selling smarter, and obtaining loyal customers needn’t be daunting. You may want to consider gaining big with small investment by streaming your sell onto any global platform, such as Amazon. Unless you’ve been wholeheartedly handling your business offline, you would be aware that online behemoth Amazon can help you float your business ideas in India as beginners successfully with all the grunt work taken care of. Did you know that over 50% of shoppers first turn to Amazon when searching for a product1? This means you can get maximum traction as a web retailer in a maturing market, and receive all the support to deliver personalised, engaging experiences to win and retain customers.

Given the profitable platform you can leverage to expand your presence online, and not having to figure it all out yourself, is a great stepping stone to selling smarter with your own online store that is pre-set for you. With the platform having paved way for your online success, you can get access to professional, world-class logistics and fulfilment services at every step in your entrepreneurial journey, and sell your products online to millions of customers globally. If your business ideas in India as beginners have a teeming potential, you could partner with Amazon to simplify your selling, exclusively focus on giving consumers more reason to stay, boost sales, and enhance the business. We suggest you meet our sellers through a read of their personal success stories.

Excited? Register now as a seller with Amazon and be the ultimate web retailer. With an easy-to-use platform, tremendous support, numerous product categories, potential to reach a wide customer segment, you can translate your novel business ideas in India as a beginner into a profitable venture online and put a trusted brand to work on your behalf without breaking the bank.

*Source: Bloomberg: More Than 50% of Shoppers Turn First to Amazon in Product Search

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