Businesses for housewives without investment: Checkout the top three products

Here is a list of businesses for housewives without investment

by Bisakha on 07/06/2018
If you know housewives who are aspiring entrepreneurs, ask them what’s stopping them from starting a business. You are most likely to hear, “I cannot come up with an idea for what I want to do,” or more commonly, “I don’t exactly know where to start.” In both these cases, the lack of ideas is what prevents this group of people from launching business career.

If either of these situations describes you, here’s a list of businesses for housewives without investment:

Sell personalised gift baskets:
If you are a housewife with a knack for buying gifts and tucking them into decorative baskets, boxes, and bags, then consider turning your hobby into a business. Yes, you got it right. We’re asking you to sell unique gift baskets.

Gift baskets are bought throughout the year for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or as a simple “get well soon” present. You can customise them to suit the taste of your customers. However, remember that attractive packaging is always an important part of the gift basket business. You cannot simply throw some items together and stick on a pretty bow.

Before you begin, here’s a tip for you:
Market your gift baskets by taking pictures and adding detailed descriptions about them. Consider preparing a brochure listing what each basket contains along with its price.

Sell plants online:
If you’re exploring businesses for housewives without investment, consider eco-friendly ideas. A green or eco-friendly business refers to one that requires commitment to a sustainable future. As you may already be aware, these businesses not only create a feel-good effect but also makes the world a better place and caters to a rapidly growing market.

If you have a green thumb, you may consider it to be a mere hobby. But your yard full of those beautiful plants can transform into a business. Are you worried because you do not have enough space in your backyard? Fret not; though a nursery may not be one of the easiest businesses to start, you can start selling plants online on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Here’s a tip for you:
You could try sending email coupons to customers every month announcing seasonal specials, such as a fall sale on landscaping plants or 30% off on any plant.

Sell specialty and gourmet soaps:
If you have always loved using or making homemade soaps, try turning this fun hobby into a full-time business to make extra money. A bar of soap might just cost you 100 INR but you can sell it for 300 INR. There’s a growing market of buyers going back to buying all-natural soaps. By adding special fragrances, herbs and colours, you can easily make specialty and gourmet soaps in your own kitchen.

But before you hit the market with your product offerings, here are a few tips:
Set yourself apart from other soap sellers. Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and do some research to track the trends.

Price your products to make a profit —keep in mind what your target market will bear. Do not make the mistake of thinking that someone will surely buy your soaps if they are inexpensive. You deserve to get paid for your time so factoring your time into cost is mandatory.

After going through the ideas, you must be thinking where to sell your products. Well, popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon simplify the process of setting up an online store by providing ready access to support services and existing visitors. Yes, you will not have to build your own website or pay a fixed amount to maintain storefront. Isn’t that great?

All you have to do is register on Amazon today and of course, enjoy the experience.
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