Calling designers to start a business online

by Pallavi on 11/04/2018
Urban Indians have shown a preference for designer items. From apparels with designer labels to accessories with unique designs, the distinctive charm of designer products attracts men and women of all ages to want to own them. For new designers, this makes for a great opportunity to open your own designer boutique store. But launching a new label can be initially difficult. Success and fame only come to those who stick around, follow trends, and can still manufacture apparels, accessories, bags, and home décor items that differentiates from their competitions.

If you are a new designer, you can use your talent to start a business online. With India having a huge market for such items, e-commerce websites welcome creative designers who wish to sell their unique products online. Here’s a cheat’s guide to starting your designer boutique store business online.

Prepare a hard-bound business plan

Whether you start a business online or offline, it is important to do thorough research and create a business plan. This document tells you, financiers, and other stakeholders your business goals, projections, and your course of action for reaching the milestones. It is a good idea to analyse the market, your competitors, and fashion trends while writing the plan. It greatly helps in giving you a successful beginning.

Arrange your finances

With a good business plan in hand, you can approach a banker or your father, or whoever is looking for an investment opportunity. The plan document will give you confidence to convince them for investing in your designer boutique business. The most organised entrepreneurs keep their business account separate from their personal account. This allows them to easily manage cost and revenue, and scale the business in the future.

Create, produce, and build your portfolio

Now that your money is in, it’s time to realise your dream of designing and developing the products. You can design the items and create a portfolio, depending on your vision, creative talent, and strengths. Before buying the raw materials, make sure the supplier you work with is dependable and approachable. This allows you to get quality raw materials on time and helps you maintain a long-term partnership with the supplier. Also, having a trustworthy team of people will help you to take on high volume orders.

Market your products

When you start a business online, online marketing is necessary to attract buyers. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, are the best places to begin promoting your products. For this, you will need to post images and details about the products. High quality photos from different angles help potential buyers view the product clearly and buy with confidence.

Manage sales and delivery

Popular e-commerce sites, such as Amazon have a large customer base and equally vast shipping network that facilitate easy selling and buying. It also helps you manage your sales and logistics information online. If you choose to handle shipping yourself, you can approach a logistics company to partner with and deliver to the buyer’s location. It is a good idea to maintain sales and delivery status to gain insights at a later time.

Adapt to trends

One of the best advantages of selling online is that you can receive customer feedback. This will help you understand what your buyers like and dislike. It also allows you to gain knowledge about your market and future opportunities. Entrepreneurs that are able to listen and work according to their customers’ preferences and adapt to the fashion trends can create loyal customers and stay ahead of their competition.

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