Capture your brand value in your brand promotion idea

by Agnishekhar​ on 15/05/2018
For businesses, some of the key influencers are usually intangible qualitative attributes that cannot be seen or balanced on an excel sheet. The most important of them, one may argue, is the business’ brand value.

As a company, brand value is the starting point for your brand promotion idea. It determines the impact the brand will have on potential consumers. Since it is near impossible for a business to have a clear idea of the customers’ purchase decision, it is one of the most difficult factors to identify. This also makes it one of the most important things to assess, before you jump to generating brand awareness.

Among the various advantages of assessing the brand value are the increased margins and customer loyalty. Assessing the brand value can help you understand the way your customers view your brand and in turn open avenues to expand your business. But how do you implement a brand promotion idea through assessment of brand value?

1. Determine the foundation of your brand: One of the most important step in assessing your brand value is through impartial evaluation of the brand. Much of the information you gather during this stage will tell you about the brand’s market position and customer perception among others. This will in turn give you a clear idea on brand messaging and how you could improve product demand and customer relations. This does not necessarily mean you have to re-establish a research model. There are predetermined models to evaluate the brand’s foundation like surveys and focus groups.

2. Maintain consistency: The brand’s messaging is an influential factor in creating a successful brand. Consumers tend to develop loyalty towards brands that share a common value with them. This is an important reason as to why you should maintain a certain consistency in your brand messaging. Without a consistency, it would be rather difficult to garner lifelong brand loyalty amongst your customers. The introduction of the internet has been responsible for making this an even stronger argument in an age where consumers expect brand consistency across platforms (social media, website, and so on).

3. Live up to your image: By building a consistent messaging, a huge chunk of your brand’s persona is affected by the company’s words and action. A brand that lives up to its messaging only strengthens the faith of the customers. However, not aligning to the messaging can severely affect the reputation of the brand.

Brand value assessment is perhaps the most important brand promotion idea for companies breaking into the online retail space. The availability of the store front on the palm of the customer via various devices has caused the present day customer to be quick to judge a brand. This is also a result of the readily present information across the internet.

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