Client engagement as an idea to increase sales

by Swetasree on 03/04/2018
So you ideate, bring investors on board, set up logistics and accounts, hire your employees, market your offering(s), and commence operations for your online venture. But wait, the process does not end there.

Client engagement is central to sales enablement. Building a community around your product(s) helps you tactfully engage with new clients while sealing the deal with potential customers. While it may sound easy and doable, it can be one of the most challenging tasks that you undertake as a business owner.

So, here are a few tricks of the trade that can help you effortlessly tackle client engagement. The following client engagement strategies are not just easy to implement but, they double up as strategic ideas to increase sales.

Social media participation

Social media interaction is a great medium to reach out to your existing and potential clients. Initiate discussions on Facebook groups and pages centering around the kind of products you offer. The same applies for Instagram and other social media platforms. For instance, if you sell merchandise, target pages that have graphic designers and pop culture fans. This lets you get a hang of the latest trends that merchandise creators use and the kind of products that fans are keen on getting their hands on.

Regular blog post creation

You cannot spam your clients in your efforts to reach out to them. Think of an ideal client in this regard. Your ideal customers and those who are deciding on getting on board, would browse through your social presence. Their research and reading would include your “About” page, your blogs, and the like. Make sure you do not sound overtly promotional. At the same time, leave no stone unturned while trying to pursue your clients, getting them wowed, and establishing that you are the best in your field. Use the best of your skills and client satisfaction will be an assured outcome.

Initiate referral programs

Build a process via which your existing clients can refer you to your potential ones. Ensure that these referral programs benefit your existing clients in one way or another. Give them credit points when they refer you to a potential customer. A new customer will be happy to get joining credits when they start engaging with you. Try and create referral programs and online contests that hook your customers. Reward them with discount vouchers when they buy products exceeding a certain amount.

Following up with past and potential clients

Inform your clients about your latest products if they haven’t shopped from you in a while. Let them know that you are having a bumper sale online. As for potential clients who’ve added items to their cart but haven’t gone all the way to purchase them, follow up with them. Ask them if they’ve had difficulties in payment. Let them know that you are keen on improving the entire business process and customer experience as a whole.

Social media advertisement

Make full use of social media advertising. This helps you reach out to an audience who are not necessarily organic. Facebook and Instagram advertisements are an inexpensive part of your marketing budget. You can tailor your outreach to a select target audience. Most social media platforms allow such customisations. The right advertisement will help you ace client engagement like nothing else.

Hike up your SEO

At the very outset, decide on keywords that specifically describe your brand. Pumping up your SEO lets you feature among the top results of a search engine. This will help you create a niche following. It also helps you to be a brand that’s easily recognisable.

Now that you’ve read all about client engagement, it’s time to leverage these tactics. If you have to bother about ensuring customer satisfaction, maximum outreach, and seller platform maintenance at the same time, it can be quite an arduous task.

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