Starting a new business? Create a marketing plan for big gains

by Pinaz on 25/06/2018
Have a unique business idea and want to start a new business? If you said yes, then you are an optimist choosing entrepreneurship through a small business. If the explosive online platforms and the scaling economy are any indications, it is indeed the best time to ride the wave of small businesses and increase profitability.

However, is an internet connection with a brilliant idea enough in today's competitive, big league of businesses? As a small business owner, you may worry about your products losing their value when faced with competition online. For any business to grow and profit today, a tremendous buzz to draw attention, and a strong online presence is no longer an option – something that screams, ‘I’m here’. No matter how great your product or service is, getting the word out may seem to be a daunting task. Without a strategic marketing plan, success is bound to seem fleeting, regardless of how good the product or service is.

With customers mostly going online for their purchase searches, having the right online marketing strategy may be your answer to support your business goals, draw customers, and gain competitive advantage. It is a great vehicle for brand image building especially for small businesses to boost sales. Though there are no guarantees for success, we suggest creating a marketing plan as you start a new business, which should include:

Market research and viability – Based on your niche, assess the earning potential of your business idea, and gauge the demand, uniqueness and profitability of the products. Evaluating market viability can make or break your business. So look before you take the plunge and a small business is the perfect way to test waters.

A narrative – Know your niche – Every product is only as good as it sells. Thus, understand what your business stands for, your journey, and other contributing factors. This is crucial to form a relationship with the customer, create an attachment towards your products who eventually will turn into loyal customers.

Customer-centricity – It is imperative to have the consumer at the heart of every marketing strategy. It is important thus to identify your target customers to customise your products and marketing strategy to cater to them effectively.

The roadmap to reach the market and cost – Chart your roadmap with a strong, future-forward plan. Small businesses have limited budgets. Hence, seeking alternate platforms to promote makes sense.

The channels to reach your potential customers are many – through e-mail, networking, social media. A marketing strategy is critical for all businesses. Gone are the days when a sliver of business owners had the luxury to have big spends on television and advertisements when starting a new business, to promote their products. Marketing through offline channels in this progressive age we thrive in would be area to focus on, besides raising doubts about investment and inflated costs.

Thanks to the power of the always-on platforms, and established, online marketplaces such as Amazon, you can take advantage of the most effective marketing option, start a new business online, and gain access to crores of potential customers, all on one single platform. With the benefit of it building onto the foundation of an established channel, your selling online gets even more simplified, which may help you build your brand, scale your sales, and avail maximum returns with minimal investment.

Create a marketing plan that converts browsers into buyers, and let Amazon do all the heavy lifting for you to shape your brand with an expanded reach. Register now and partner as a seller with Amazon to avail a ready-made online platform that can be your stepping stone to starting a new business.

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