Selling home furnishings, a creative business idea to try next

by Kamini on 01/6/2018
So now that you’ve decided that home furnishings is the line you’d like to pursue as a creative business idea, the next step is to take your entrepreneurial goals to the next level. It’s time to consider not just what products you will have on offer but how you will price and promote the same.

Whether its interior design or furnishings, an industry once dominated by retailers is now going through a sea of change, slowly but surely shifting to the online retail place. According to IBIS World, home furnishings is a seventy nine thousand crore industry, which is attracting innovators and investors alike1. Design blogs and sites like Pinterest provide endless choice and variety, inspiring creative people to follow their design and décor dreams. So if you’ve found your niche in home furnishings, it’s time to get your business to prosper.

Whether it’s art or accent furniture, linen or lamps or even rugs or curtains, whatever you choose to sell still needs the support of a good marketing strategy to ensure the success of these products. Here are some factors to consider to boost visibility and enhance the appeal of your products:

Promote, promote, promote

Somewhere, somebody wants that lamp you’re selling. But do they know about it? To increase your customer reach it is important to promote your products and services. Push your business forward using campaigns, discounts and sponsored products. Social media is a great way to maximise reach and it is a cost-effective avenue to attract new customers on a national scale. Investing in the right promotional tools not only informs potential customers about your venture but it can influence their buying decisions, which in turn will boost sales and increase turnover.

Price it right

People are always looking for a good bargain. If you’re looking for inventory to move quickly, a buyer needs to be motivated into buying your product. A good deal is what customers are looking for and what will set your business apart from the competition. A dash of intuition and a little research into competing prices should help land the right price.

Be descriptive

Product descriptions sell products. They can influence a buyer into making a purchase and therefore need to be incredibly thorough. The ideal description takes on a personal note, as though addressing the buyer directly and is exhaustive in describing features like size and dimensions, color and condition. Other possibly interesting information may be presented about each piece so that they stand out, making each article unique.

With a little help from Amazon

Armed with these tips to successfully market your products, there is no reason to wait to kickstart your home furnishing business. Amazon offers an extensive range of services that can help you get started with selling your products online. It offers other services like cash on delivery option, fast shipping, secure payments, etc. It also has the added benefit of a truly global customer base. So, to make the most of these opportunities, register as a seller with Amazon today.

Source: 7 Home Decor Startup Trends to Watch

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