Creative small business idea: Explore notebooks and planners

by Francesca on 09/05/2018
Think you have a creative streak and can’t wait to put it to good use? Then here’s where you can begin. The world is your oyster and you can play the field the way you like with a creative small business idea. Although the market is brimming with creative small business ideas from quirky coffee mugs, chic tote bags, bold laptop skins and what have you; there will never be a dearth of art-hungry customers.

Manufacturing classy looking notebooks and planners is a space burgeoning with great momentum. With some decent knowledge in paper qualities, print and design it’s not too difficult get started even as a secondary business. Designers, photographers, visualizers and illustrators can make their big business break with a few wholesaler connections and by signing up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Meanwhile, check out the list below to understand the market out there so that you can gear up to address specific planner and notebook needs:

The boss

Creating stationery for corporates is incredibly lucrative. Bear in mind that meeting memos and business cards are a part of the everyday rigmarole for them. A thoughtful planner with gracious cover sleeves and compartments goes a long way in getting you noticed. What’s more, you can bag a corporate gifting requisition if they like your style.

The artist

The creative horizon is quite expansive, filled with a myriad of professionals in the pursuit of inspiration. From writers, designers, lyricists, illustrators, architects to musicians and more, you can create a notebook for every genre of passion. Pay close attention to the paper you bind; coarse amber coloured ones usually are in demand among this clan.

The planner

While there are a gazillion types of planners you can create for people who like to keep track of their life, it’s important to remain personal and thoughtful. Sprinkling every other page with a motivational quote about the bigger picture is a good practice, in both formal and informal planners. Stashing in a couple of pages for weekly, monthly and yearly goals would be an added bonus.

The gifter

If the thought of taking customised requests has crossed your mind, here’s where you can implement it efficiently. Creating ready-made templates that your prospects can browse; it helps to get the wheel rolling. Apart from birthdays, anniversaries and other life milestones, people are also keen on celebrating days of world renown. So make sure you have those themes planned as well.

The documenter

These are life-journalising geeks. They love making a note of every single detail they are immersed in - be it a specific project or just life in general. Fashioning a notebook or a planner for such an audience would mean a space for every kind of routine activity under the sun. The key is to spoil them for choice.

Now that you have a game plan for one of the most creative small business ideas, get going by registering on Amazon as an e-seller to get the exposure you need to skyrocket your revenue.

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