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by Francesca on 09/05/2018
The online sellers’ market is brimming with new products. New ideas are flooding e-commerce every day. While most trends take off abroad first, India is not too far from catching the tide. With a new wave of health-conscious urbanites on the rise, more and more consumers are willing to pay that extra buck for an elixir that will make them look younger, smarter, and healthier.

From beard oils to Matcha products, a new seller with the passion to ride on niche trends is literally spoilt for choice. Plus, starting a business in India with Amazon’s Affiliate Program in tow helps scale up your revenues much faster.

For those looking for creative small business ideas, selling Matcha products is one of the hottest trending ones. In case you are still wondering what’s Matcha, here it is. Matcha is nothing but fully ground green tea leaves. This green powder has 10 times the antioxidant properties than regular tea when processed to make tea powder.

While the demand for this product has been consistently building up online since 2012, the real surge took place in 2014. Matcha now has to its name, a range of cosmetics, confectionaries and of course a throng of beverages to explore. From lattes to burgers, what once was a Japanese traditional tea recipe has gone overseas to gain a global fan base.

So if you are looking to invest in Matcha, listed below are the ranges which you should totally stock up on, whether you plan to go the dropshipping way or be an e-commerce seller yourself:

Matcha loose tea powder

Owning to its flexibility in usage, this powder is one of the most sold products in the range. Matcha powder can be used in making tea or as a dietary supplement used in a myriad of recipes from crepes to puddings, spanning almost the whole dessert base.

Matcha accessories

Matcha originates from a Japanese tradition of making some really rejuvenating tea. Most Matcha lovers would want to soak in the experience in the way it is meant to be. In order to make this tea the Japanese way, the ritual needs a few specific things: a bamboo spoon, a special bamboo whisk and a mud or clay cup. These accessories are always in demand as more and more people are curious to know the healing qualities of tea powder. Even more, are gifting it to their friends as it makes for a very thoughtful gift.

Matcha beauty range

Not everyone has the leisure to whip up a Matcha spa experience at home. For those on the go, readymade cosmetics infused with this green tea’s antioxidant-rich properties are an ideal solution. You will find a good number of wholesalers out there willing to do business with you. From serums to before bed lotions and more, you can offer your customers an incredible variety of Matcha beauty solutions.

So, if you’re ready to go the Matcha way and wondering where to begin, start by registering as a seller on Amazon to reap the benefits of an expansive exposure for your products. Cater to a niche audience and watch your business grow with Amazon.

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