Creative small business idea: Online sewing and crafts supply store

by Priyanka on 09/05/2018
Arts and crafts have a lot of takers, either professionally or as a hobby. Craft supplies are no more restricted local variety stores. Various kinds of innovative art and sewing supplies are now available online.

So starting an online sewing and crafts supply store can be a creative small business idea worth considering, especially if you have a keen interest in DIY sewing and art projects. Though all the basic principles of online retail sales are applicable, this still remains a niche market. So a keen interest in catering to a niche audience is all the inspiration you need to get started.

Online sewing and crafts supply store requires substantial capital expenditure, but the profit potential makes it worth all the investment. Stocking a wide variety of craft supplies holds the key as this will build repeat clientele who can come back for multiple requirements. Remember quality, not the quantity is crucial.

Since this is a creative small business idea, you can play around with as many categories as you want, in fact more the merrier. We list down some to begin with:

Sewing kit and accessories

From sewing thread, various kind of sewing needles to handy sewing kits, this category should encompass everything one needs to complete a craft project. Make sure you have a wide range of styles, colours and designs to stand out in a competitive market space.

Beading and jewellery making

This category should have everything required for making interesting, innovative jewellery. From engraving machines and tools, beads and assortments, charms, casting supplies to jewellery making displays, try to stock latest products to appeal to the discerning customer.

Ceramics and pottery

You might skip the heavy duty equipment here and consider stocking raw materials such as clay, clay wheels, wire cutters and glaze. You can also add value by stocking reference books and samples to give ideas to the users.

Art and craft supplies

This is a wide category and should comprise a vast range of drawing instruments, painting products and professional art and craft supplies. Try to stock products that will fulfil the need of a wide range of customer base from amateurs to professionals alike.

Once you have finalised on the categories, consider the following aspects of your online venture:


Depending on the size of the store and type of inventory you’d like to maintain, the start-up costs can vary. Sources can include personal finances or a business loans.


Art supply inventory can be purchased in bulk from wholesaler dealers. Staple inventory will include an assortment of paints, pencils, brushes, canvases, sketch books, smocks, easels, sculpting supplies and chairs. Order an array of wholesale catalogues to select inventory.

As a new business owner, it’s easy to think you’re going to need a lot of everything right away. Instead, start off with an assortment of products across categories in small quantities. You can always restock depending on your cash flow and demand.

Amazon as the selling platform

For an online venture, the biggest question is choosing the right platform to sell your products. Consider Amazon to fulfil your selling and branding needs. Our customised seller portal will allow you to display your products to a wider customer base across the globe. Based on their feedback you can modify and improvise on your product offerings.

So go ahead realise your business goals, the artsy way.

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